Absolutely the nicest leather laptop sleeve around

When it comes to accessories for my MacBook Pro I’m all about trying new things. The problem is it’s not very often that I find a product that I like so much that I keep using with my device. I’m a minimalist when it comes to my technology devices and I rarely keep them in cases or cover them in any way. That said, I do like to keep them protected. So, when the MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover from Woolnut was delivered to my door, I was eager to test it out.

Woolnut is a relatively new company (found in 2012) based in Stockholm that focuses on creating protective covers and sleeves for laptops. Woolnut crafts its products out of genuine wool and leather. The leather is full-grain, vegetable tanned leather, which develops a classic patina as time goes on. The wool is used as felt on the interior of Woolnut’s covers. Their products are the ‘slip-in’ style, which means that there are no excess parts like zippers or pocket flaps to obstruct the design. The Woolnut sleeves are meant to be slick and minimalistic while delivering maximum functionality.

WOOLNUT MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover REVIEW

As I mentioned above, I have the MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover. Woolnut offers their sleeves in two color choices – Cognac and Black. In my case, I have the rich Cognac brown sleeve. It’s designed specifically to work with the MacBook Pro 15 inch (late-2016 to mid-2017 model with Touch Bar). This is an important distinction because the sleeve is slim-fitting and won’t accommodate some of the thicker models of MacBook. The sleeve is stitched together with nylon thread to keep everything in place.

WOOLNUT MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover REVIEW

Even though I rarely carry my laptop around in a sleeve, I really appreciated the care and effort taken to produce this fine accessory from the moment it arrived. The smell of real leather permeated the room when I unwrapped it and I instantly knew it was something special. After taking a close look at the details of the sleeve and feeling the soft wool-lined interior, I slid my MacBook Pro inside. The computer was a little bit of a tight fit at first. I didn’t have issues with it going in, but when I tried to grab the end of the MacBook Pro and pull it out, I found that it was a little more difficult to grip. I’ve been using the sleeve for the past several weeks consistently and I will say that the leather has loosened up just a bit.

One thing I was concerned about as I began using the sleeve was my laptop’s security. Since there is no exterior loop or closure on the sleeve, I wasn’t sure if my computer would try to slide out or not. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the MacBook Pro secure, but it also did not move one inch when I tried to shake it out.

WOOLNUT MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover REVIEW

The Woolnut MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover has a permanent home with me now. This MacBook Pro Cover is one of the nicer leather sleeves I’ve used with my Mac. The sleeve keeps my laptop protected and keeps it looking classy at the same time. I can recommend this to all users and would suggest that you use it any time your laptop is out and about. For example, I have taken to stowing my MacBook Pro away in the sleeve even when I’m at home hanging out in my living room. Woolnut has a winner with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 Cover.

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