Real leather with Apple style and without Apple pricing

If you have ever looked at iPhone cases from Apple you would know that the Leather cases are insanely priced. This is one of the reasons I like Woolnut’s iPhone cases so much. They are made very well while not breaking the bank. I’m constantly on the search for quality phone cases that enhance the natural look of my iPhone, but don’t detract from it. About a year ago, I was introduced to Woolnut brand accessories. Historically, they have made premium leather sleeves for MacBooks. Woolnut prides themselves on creating exclusive products from Swedish leather. In addition to their MacBook sleeves, Woolnut also makes leather cases for iPhones. When the new iPhones were released in October 2018, Woolnut also announced a new line of minimalist cases for iPhone. And, I’m excited that I’ve gotten to try one out with my iPhone XS Max as well as an iPhone XS.

Woolnut Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW


The iPhone cases from Woolnut are made with premium soft vegetable tanned full-grain Nappa leather. It’s designed to age with time. The cases are slim and are lined with microfiber on the inside to protect the phone from scratches. The leather case is available for the iPhone X/XS, XS Max, and XR models. The case wraps the phone completely but does not add bulk to the phone. Woolnut uses a high-end molding technology to ensure that the case fits the iPhone perfectly.


The case comes in a thick cardboard box with the Woolnut logo on the front. The back of the box includes basic details about the case including that the case is made with ‘vegetable tanned full-grain soft Nappa leather’. The box is closed with a hidden magnet and you can fold the front flap of the box back to reveal the case inside.

Woolnut Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW

The case is really impressive design-wise. I’ve seen a lot of ‘leather’ cases that really just have a small portion of the case covered in leather. This case is 100% leather — edge to edge. It has a rich leather smell — like leather shoes or wallets — and it has a soft supple feel to it, too. The case feels really great in your hands and because it’s leather, there is a certain amount of traction it provides, too.

Getting the case on the phone was a little tough for me. I normally slide a case onto my phone on the volume button side of the phone and when I tried that the camera lens got caught on the lip of the case. So, I tried to put it in from the other side and the phone snapped into place. The case doesn’t have much of a lip around the screen, but it has enough to protect the screen if you drop the phone flat on its screen. I would recommend adding a screen protector though to your phone for an added level of protection. The camera also doesn’t have a lot of protection around it as it’s a flat, level surface around the lens.

Woolnut Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW


Woolnut has created a rich, vibrant option for a phone case. I’ve not seen a leather case quite like this before and I would recommend it to any iPhone user. I feel like my phone is well protected (I’ve actually dropped my phone while in this case and there was no damage done to the phone) and it looks great and is quite affordable for a leather case.

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