Exceptional protection by an exceptional product. 

I like to keep my devices in tip-top shape. When I got my first iPhone, I had an accident with it and it was completely destroyed. Ever since then, I try to keep a case on my phone or tablet. Last year, my fiancé upgraded to the newest iPad model and gave me his previous model – the iPad Pro (11-inch, 2018). This was a big step up from what I had been using and I’ve been grateful to have it since it helps me stay productive while I’m working at home. The only thing I struggle with is keeping the iPad and its accessories — the Smart Case and Apple Pencil — safe when it’s in transit from place to place. This is what the Leather Folio for the iPad Pro from Woolnut is designed for. 



The Leather Folio for iPad Pro is a minimalistic leather folio (as the name suggests) that provides full, 360-degree protection for the iPad and its accessories. It’s crafted with full-grain Scandinavian leather with YKK Excel zippers. The leather is all-natural and over time a patina develops making each case as unique as the individual using it. The inside of the folio is lined with 100% natural wool felt (sourced from Germany) that is designed to protect the iPad from outside harm. The wool has water-repellent and shock-absorbing properties, which make it the perfect companion to the leather exterior. The case can house the iPad with or without the Magic Keyboard or similar case. Woolnut also includes a pen holder for the Apple Pencil above the iPad. The folio does have enough space on the interior for the pencil to recharge next to the iPad if needed. 



Woolnut does a great job with first impressions. The folio arrives in a cloth bag with the Woolnut logo screen printed on the exterior of it. The folio comes packaged in a classy cardboard sleeve. The sleeve is cut out so that the consumer has the opportunity to actually experience the soft, supple leather on the exterior of the folio. The case slides out of this sleeve easily and you can immediately start using it. One of the things I really like about Woolnut is their branding. It’s subtle and classy. The tab that holds the Apple Pencil on the inside of the case features the Woolnut name and the logo and name are embossed on the exterior of the case, too. Sometimes I don’t like my accessories branded as visibly as Woolnut has done with this case, but when it looks as nice as this does, I can’t complain. It just adds to the style of the case. 


The only complaint I do have is that the zipper seems to be very sticky. When it comes to metal zippers, I prefer them to have a looser zipping mechanism so that you don’t have issues getting them open or closed. This zipper is really tough to get moving. It might loosen up over time and with more use, but as a new product, it is tough. I really love the soft wool on the inside of the case. It’s perfect for protecting the iPad whether or not it’s protected by a Smart Keyboard. I’m glad that Woolnut thought to provide ample space for the Apple-designed accessories because a lot of case designers don’t and that gets frustrating for the consumer.

The Apple Pencil does fit into the pen holder perfectly. It’s a tight fit, which I appreciate for the pencil because it can easily get lost. I didn’t have any issues storing the iPad with its Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil inside the case. There is plenty of room. 



In recent days, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find a carrying case/folio for my iPad because I want to keep it with its other accessories. Most cases just want to house the iPad on its own. Woolnut has done a fabulous job designing this case to make sure the iPad’s accessories could be included while ensuring that the style of the product didn’t suffer. Aside from the stiff zipper, the Leather Folio is a great companion for the iPad. 

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