Woo Audio Headphone Stand provides a simple, space-saving solution for your desk.

I have an ever growing library of gadgets that take up a lot of space. My small house is virtually overflowing with various tech. I have been implementing a variety of space saving solutions and techniques with different degrees of success. Not only do I want to save space, but I also still want the solution to be simple and visually pleasing.

Woo Audio Headphone Stand Review

The Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stand has been my latest solution. The stand is tough as it is made from 100% aluminum and weighs in at 1.5 pounds. The weight was an initial  concern that my fellow writers and I shared as a stand that is too light will tip over. As it turns out, this was just the right weight. The stand is a stout 10.5 inches tall and takes up 3.5 inches around when sitting at your desk.

I have two sets of headphones that I use often. The first set is my Bluetooth headphones I use for music and the second pair is what I use for my PS4 gaming. Often times I leave both sitting on a table to charge. This creates a jumble of electronics and wires and just looks terrible. Woo Audio’s stand holds both headphones quite nicely. The solid aluminum construction ensures that it won’t be breaking with a fall or spill.

Woo Audio Headphone Stand Review

The the whole base and stand is solid which adds the weight to ensure that it stays uptight and secure while holding our pricey headphones. The square base has removed corners making it safer for children and pets that might pull It down I top of themselves and it looks cool as well. Some other stands I have seen have just one arm coming for the stand to hold the headphone, but Woo Audio’s has two with a bar in the middle making it sturdier and more space for multiple headsets. Having your headphones hanging upright keeps them from being smashed or knocked off the table. Plus, charging the headphones is simpler when they are on the stand considering most of the charging ports are at the bottom of the earpiece. By connecting a charging cable while the headphones are hanging, you eliminate possible pinch points on the cords, too.

Woo Audio Headphone Stand Review

Assembly was simple and straightforward. No instructions were included or needed for that matter. Four Allen head screws, two upright bars, a base, a short bar, and the Allen wrench tool are included. The assembly took less than 5 minutes and is so simple that almost anybody can do it.

There are a lot of reasons to add this headphone stand to your collection of accessories. It’s sturdy, priced right, and looks great. I know what all of my friends and family with upscale headphones will be receiving for gifts this year.

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