A modern design takes this charging stand to the next level.

I like devices — especially accessories — that serve more than one purpose. For example, a case that also charges my phone is preferable to a noncharging case. As I’ve been reviewing and testing out wireless chargers one of the biggest commonalities is that they are flat, tabletop charging pads and not stands. This charging station from WITTI is more than a wireless charger. It is a sleek, modern stand that should be recognized as one of these dual-purpose accessories that make our lives easier.


The CANDI Wireless Charger from WITTI is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. It’s easy to set up and features power delivery up to 10W (with power adapter – not included). The wireless charging dock has an LED indicator that illuminates when a phone is placed on its surface to indicate it’s charging and it has a non-slip surface so you can feel secure that your phone is safe while charging. CANDI will work with most phone cases (up to 4mm thick) unless it has metal elements incorporated in the design.

WITTI Candi Wireless Charging Station REVIEW


  • Color: Black / Blue / Pink
  • Input: 9V-1.67A/5V-2A
  • Output: 9V-1.2A/5V-1A
  • Charging Efficiency: ≥ 85%
  • Weight: 170g
  • Dimensions: H115 x W115 x D56mm

User Experience

The CANDI Charging Station is packaged in a brightly colored box with the image of the product and its name printed on several sides. There are some very basic details on the exterior of the box including a list of compatible devices. Upon opening the box, you will find an inner box that contains the charger, USB-C charging cable, and a user guide. The user guide is very simple and outlines the best way to use the charger safely. I do want to note that a wall adapter was not included so in order for you to achieve the 10W fast charging, you will have to find a Qualcomm quick charge adapter to connect this charger with. Otherwise, you will receive at least 5V/1A power delivery from the CANDI.

WITTI Candi Wireless Charging Station REVIEW

Most wireless chargers have simple designs. I mean, there isn’t much to them. You lay or place your phone on a flat surface and they charge. The CANDI does take that a step further with its circular stand design. I actually feel as though it’s a piece of modern art sitting on my desk. I have the blue color charger, which is more like a light teal color, and I love having it be an accessory there. It looks great as a phone stand AND it works with your phone in both landscape and portrait orientations. So as a stand, it’s quite functional, but what about it’s charging capabilities? For that, I used my iPhone X to record sometimes as the phone charged over the course of an hour. During this test, I had the CANDI plugged into a charging dock that provided a power delivery current of 4.74V/0.92A (according to my USB Digital Tester). Here are the results.

8:25 51%
8:34 53%
8:45 55%
8:55 59%
9:25 68%
9:35 71%

As you can see from the chart, over the course of one hour, the phone gained about 20% battery life. This does seem a little slow in my opinion since I was charging a different phone from the same charging dock that the CANDI was connected to and that phone gained 20% battery power in about 40 minutes. It’s not so slow that I think the charger is malfunctioning — just a tad slower than using a Lightning cable. Now, if a Qualcomm wall adapter were to be used in conjunction with the CANDI, I think these number would increase. I think that since the charging stand is compatible with 10W fast charging that an adapter should be included.

WITTI Candi Wireless Charging Station REVIEW


This is a very capable wireless charger. I really enjoy using it and love that it comes in a variety of colors for varying tastes. The charger has a quick response time and it didn’t seem to heat up while I was charging the iPhone X. I can recommend this charger, but would also recommend that you add a Qualcomm compatible wall adapter so that you can take full advantage of the wireless charging capabilities.

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