Nice iPad display stand with built-in speaker

I’m always looking for ways to keep my desk functional and organized.  If my work area is chaotic is makes me unable to focus and thus rendering me unproductive until I do something about it.  The iRULU 4.0 wireless Bluetooth speaker stand is the perfect solution for not only holding my iPad but for streaming music or video through the speaker.  I am able to combine two devices essentially for added space and functionality.

iRULU Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 iPad Speaker Stand REVIEW

Unboxing this I am impressed with the look of this speaker.  It is made out of an aluminum material that is very sturdy.  The gold color depending on the lighting has more of a rose gold tint which matches my Macbook Pro stand.  This speaker is about 8 inches long so I decided it will be used to hold my iPad 2 on my desk.  Included along with the speaker is a micro USB cable for charging the speaker and an auxiliary cable if you didn’t connect your device via Bluetooth.  The control panel for the speaker is located on the back.  The only control is the on/off switch, which I think is a plus because all of my devices are capable of volume control and skipping through songs.  The ports are located directly underneath the switch.


Connecting my iPad 2 via Bluetooth was quick and effortless.  It paired under the name BT-10.  The sound quality is very nice for a small Bluetooth speaker.  I really enjoy using it for watching movies on Netflix because the sound coming from both ends mimics a surround sound effect.  Bluetooth connection length on this was at least 10 meters because I did not experience any issues with fading inside my house.  I tried out the auxiliary cable with my iPhone 6 Plus to see if bluetooth would cut in if you had your device on the cable.  The iPhone 6 Plus continued to play while plugged in and my iPad 2 was not able to play even though is was paired with the speaker.

iRULU Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 iPad Speaker Stand REVIEW

The tablet stand function is perfect for my iPad 2 and even my iPad Air 2.  I am able to use my tablet without it toppling over from the pressure of touching it and the weight of the tablet.  With my iPad 2 in place, the only thing I am able to see the stand is the front bar which is black and has the brand name with the gold lining it.  My iPad also has a case on it and I did not have to remove it for it to fit.  However, if you have a bulky case it may cause an issue because there is only a 1/2 inch area.

iRULU Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 iPad Speaker Stand REVIEW

Overall this Bluetooth speaker tablet stand combo is a great device.  I think it looks great and the sound quality is nice for the size and value of the speaker.

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