Tempered glass screen protector features FillGlass nanotechnology.

When I invest in a product, I want to make sure it’s well-protected. I always purchase Apple Care for my Apple devices and I try my hardest to make sure they are out of harm’s way. But, even the most cautious person in the world can’t anticipate accidental damage. For these moments, it’s always good to have an added layer of protection — like the Topaz Glass Screen Protector from Winnergear.

The screen protector — as the name would suggest — is made from tempered glass. It’s considered the strongest glass in the world. Its surface is smooth, anti-bacterial, and features an anti-fingerprint coating. The screen protector has 100% clarity and it honestly doesn’t look like there is any cover on the phone at all. You have full touch sensitivity and features 3D glass that covers the entire screen and curves to the shape of the phone. The Topaz screen protector is made with FillGlass nanotechnology, which makes the screen protector more durable than standard glass covers. This is also what makes the screen resistant to bacteria and fingerprints.

Winnergear Topaz Glass Screen Protector REVIEW

iPhone 7 Plus without Screen Protector

I’m not much for screen protectors or cases but really took a liking to this one. Installation was very simple, however, I chose to install it outdoors, which I do not recommend you do. There are tons of air particles floating around that make it almost impossible to clean the phone before adhering the protector to the phone’s screen. Once I was satisfied that the screen was clean, I carefully lined up the screen protector with the screen. I typically look at the speaker cut out and the home button as my guides.This proved to work well for this glass, too as I didn’t have issues with it being in alignment with the phone.

The Topaz glass features bubble-free installation. The installation process is always the most frustrating for me. As someone who lives with OCD in their daily life, seeing specks of dirt or tiny air pockets beneath a screen protector would be agonizing. Winnergear’s bubble-free installation allows you to place the glass on your screen and gently push down in the center. This causes the rest of the screen protector to stick to your screen while pushing air outward. I did end up forcing some pockets out, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as cheap glass.

Winnergear Topaz Glass Screen Protector REVIEW

iPhone 7 Plus with Screen Protector Installed

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with this screen protector. It was an easy installation and since I’ve had it in place, I’ve not thought about it. The glass is so smooth and responsive that I’ve not noticed that it’s there. With a price tag of around $40, the Topaz glass is on the higher end of screen protectors, but it’s well-worth it.

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