For many newcomers, the word “jackpot” means winning a huge, life-changing amount of money that can be made in a single spin. But what does this mean for the gambling establishments themselves? There are several types of rewards available for users. In this article, we will find out how each of them works and what psychological effect it can have.

Types of Jackpot

The jackpot is a super prize that you can win on real money pokies online. If you are very lucky, you do not get an ordinary win, but “hit the jackpot” – a big mega prize. This is how casinos encourage players to spend time on slots. There are three types of reward available for users:

  1. A fixed jackpot – is a reward, the amount of which is predetermined. To get a win, you need to collect a certain combination.
  2. A progressive jackpot – is a reward that continuously grows. It is easy to recognize it by the scoreboard, which is placed on the screen. All machines in this group transfer a small fee of each game to the total pot and someone wins it.
  3. A secret or “mystery” jackpot – is a random win that can be received by any player regardless of the bet, the presence of a winning combination, and compliance with any other conditions. The winner is randomly determined when the pot reaches a certain amount. The budget for the secret jackpot can be issued by the casino management to reward players or to encourage them to play more.

Also, there are two types of reward by a location:

  • A local jackpot – is a reward that consists of the bets placed by players at a specific casino. The same game may be available in several casinos, but the prize pot in each of them consists of the bets made by the players of a particular establishment.
  • A network jackpot – is a type of reward that consists of the bets placed by players in all casinos where the slot is located. For example, the popular online jackpot is the Hall of Gods from NetEnt. It includes bets made by players at various online casinos around the world.

How Jackpot Works: Player’s Psychology

Exclusive offers and attractive rewards are the most effective tools for retaining players. In psychology, there is the term “cognitive distortion”, which means the irrational behavior of a person in certain situations. It forces people to act alternatively. People prefer to assure themselves that only good events will happen to them. It seems to them that the likelihood of negative consequences is significantly lower than for other people.

So, when choosing an online casino, many players pay attention to the prizes that the site offers them. Also, it tells a lot about the reliability and status of the casino. However, we encourage you to consider casinos as the source of excitement, but not the source of income. Hopefully, luck will be at your side!