Great slim case for the iPhone 6.

Willnorn Norn One iPhone 6 Case Review 3I am a bit supporter of cases that support your phone. I feel like if you make that kind of investment, you should protect it. Cases come in all shapes and sizes these days and you don’t have to go big to have sensible protection. The Norn One case from Willnorn was nothing short of a surprise to me when I put it on my phone.

Willnorn Norn One iPhone 6 Case Review 4First of all, it has a very nice soft silicone feel to it. For me, this is great because it sort of causes some traction when you are holding the phone in your hand. Phones slipping away have always been concerning to me. And, that’s one of the main reasons I keep some sort of case on my phone. This Willnorn case has always felt very secure while in my hand.

Secondly, Norn One is super, ultra thin. It’s probably the best case I’ve had my hands on that makes the iPhone 6 feel like there is no case on it. The sleek curvature of the phone really comes through with this form-fitting case. And, even though it’s thin, I feels solid and protective.

Willnorn Norn One iPhone 6 Case Review 5Norn One does come in two pieces that snap together. I’ve honestly never had a case come together so easily that was split design. All of the ports are completely accessible. The only critism I have is that the home button feels to be quite recessed. The TouchID still works fine, but it just feels a bit odd until you get used to it.

This is a very affordable case for the iPhone 6 and I can recommend it for anyone looking for a nice, slim, protective case.

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