Replica exact match of original at fraction of the price.

Widis Watch Band Black 42mm Milanese Loop Review 3One of the great things about the Apple Watch is the wide assortment of band styles that are available for it. Apple designed the bands to be easily changeable so you can change the look of your watch to match your outfit or the style of the event you’re attending.

I purchased an Apple watch sport in Space Gray because I like the darker metal look and therefore my band options were somewhat limited because at the time, the only band option that came with the space grade model was the black Fluoroelastomer band; which worked out for me because that was the band that I wanted anyway.

Widis Watch Band Black 42mm Milanese Loop Review 4Had there been a stainless steel option in black with a sapphire display rather than an aluminum body with gorilla glass, I would have chosen it. However, after living with my Apple watch for several months I have found it frustrating they are really no formal band options for my sport model.

Widis Watch Band Black 42mm Milanese Loop Review 5I was intrigued by the look of Apple’s milanese loop band that comes as an option with the stainless steel Apple Watch. I even checked out one that my friend bought with his watch, but being that it only comes in silver, it will not work for my space gray model.

This brings me to the real topic of my review; the 42mm Black Milanese Loop Band by Widis Watch Bands. This band is an exact replica the Apple stainless steel Milanese loop band, but it’s black instead of silver which made it the perfect choice for my Apple Watch Sport. I have compared this band to my friends authentic Apple band and and I can detect no difference between them. I have included side-by-side pictures for those looking to compare this band to the authentic Apple band. The quality was very important to me since I would have purchased the band directly from Apple if it were available.

Widis Watch Band Black 42mm Milanese Loop Review 6The other great thing about this band versus the original from Apple is that at the time of this writing it costs $35.99 versus $150 from Apple. That makes it a lot easier on the eyes and on the wallet and since the craftsmanship seems to be on par with Apple, I think that this band would make in excellent addition to the collection of anyone who owns a space gray Apple Watch Sport and wants to give it an elegant look for more formal occasions.

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