We have come across so many popular MMORPG titles that used to be what more experienced gamers refer to as the MMO Classics but as the times have changed and there are many players who are more into the casual side of gaming, they prefer games that doesn’t take too much involvement and that is the reason why games like World of Warcraft and RuneScape has made two separate versions for these different types of players. If you haven’t tried WoW Classic yet, consider looking up cheap WoW Classic cd key to get your journey started.

The players playing the games from a while back love the classic MMO versions better than the more modern MMO experience, that is considered to be more suitable for more the casual gamers. As there is a lot of difference between the modern MMORPGs and the classic ones that came around decades earlier with millions of players in their current player-base. 

Coming back to our World of Warcraft title, it also comes with two versions or games, if you like that better. The one is the Classic World of Warcraft and other is what players refer to as the retail version of WOW with more elements from the modern day MMORPGs. But the question here is why so many players still prefer Classic over the retail version of the game? Let’s find out.

Modern Day MMORPG Elements

One of the most important reasons why so many players prefer classic over the retail, is that Classic makes it more immersive experience for the player with less helping out and more efforts. Retail includes many features that helps the causal gamers such as markers to track down the quest sites along with markers that help you out through the quest as well.

Whereas the Classic WOW doesn’t offer such aiding-features to the players which in turn makes it more immersive and intuitive for the players to find the quests with just a few hints and instructions which takes a lot of planning and thinking-it-through.

Game-Play Experience

Gameplay is the key elements that separate games from one another and as it happens to be, both Classic and Retail have completely different gameplay experience if you just dive a little deeper into the game, starting from the beginning.

Retail allows you to play the game with a more casual approach, I mean you could play it while also playing other games at the same time, watching some Netflix series and just not having to pay too much attention and plan up your approach in completing different tasks to earn the WoW gold coins, quests and mini-games.

But if we talk about the Classic the reason players love this game is the sheer investment. I mean you’d end up playing the game for countless hours planning your journey, doing the quests, completing different tasks to earn the WoW Classic in-game gold, helping out other players as a community. This is what makes the Classic WOW more preferable than the retail and that is also the reason why the classic community has grown out to be so strong as World of Warcraft is also the most played MMORPG title of all time even in 2021.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter how big the player-base is, what matters is which game satisfies your needs as a player which makes it all come down to player preference.