WHOOSH! makes your mobile phone screen like new again.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a brand new iPhone that the screen doesn’t show fingerprints on it? It’s almost like there is a coating on it. Then, after a day or so of use, you’ll notice the grease from your face and hands appearing on the screen. No matter how you might clean the screen, the dirt/grease film just seems to just smudge it. If you are like me, you will find yourself spending more time cleaning your screen than actually using your phone.


So thankfully at CES, I was introduced to a company called WHOOSH! – a tech hygiene product. WHOOSH! comes in spray bottles of varying sizes and is used as you would use any cleaning spray. You spray it on the Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloth and then clean/polish your device. The backstory of WHOOSH! is actually kind of interesting. The spray started out as a car cleaning product, but some of it was accidentally spilled onto an iPad. When it was wiped off, the screen looked brand new! So, CEO, Jason Greenspan, pivoted the focus of the company into Tech Hygiene to help mobile phone and tablet users have cleaner working environments. Keep in mind, the surface of a phone can be up to 10X dirtier than a public toilet seat.


The actual cleaning ingredients of WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a mystery. It’s not labeled with its ingredients and they aren’t listed on the company’s website. That being said, WHOOSH! makes a point of stating that WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a non-toxic, ammonia & alcohol-free screen cleaner. So, it’s safe to use for all members of your family.

I already mentioned that I met WHOOSH! at CES. Well, somewhere along the line, the product I brought home with me got mixed in with my travel gear and I missed the opportunity to review it right after CES. But, the bottle recently surfaced and it was just in time for the iPhone 7 launch. I’ve been using it pretty religiously since I brought home my iPhone 7 Plus from the Apple Store – where I discovered they use WHOOSH! during their closing clean-up of the computers. Since WHOOSH! is supposed to help with eliminating germs and other contagions, it makes sense that a big retail store would be using it.


I, unfortunately, do not have a blue light or other germ-testing equipment to prove how well WHOOSH! washes away germs, but I can say that the cleaner definitely removes smudges and fingerprints with no problems. And, that the ‘new screen’ feel returns after you polish your phone with WHOOSH! Screen Shine. To me, it’s more than a screen cleaner – it’s a screen revitalizer.

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