Less time for task management — more time for getting things done

There’re so many tools for managing your to-do lists, but so few comprehensive solutions for collaboration with clients and colleagues on long-term projects. Whiteboard is one of these few apps. It makes it easy to delegate tasks, effectively communicate with others, and keep everyone on the same page.

Whiteboard App REVIEW

Find your way of using it — Whiteboard is really, really flexible. You can use it for business, home, hobby projects and more. You can manage to-do’s on a desktop or a mobile app. (I haven’t used Whiteboard for desktop too much, but as for a mobile app, it is surely powerful enough to allow you to enjoy being productive in managing your day, even when you’re on-the-go.)

You can upgrade and get more features or stay on a basis account. A full plan includes:

– Unlimited personal and shared workspace
– Unlimited collaborators and guest access
– 50 GB storage, recurring to-dos and reminders

Whiteboard is good for long term planning. You can add a start date and a due date and make your daily input into a great work. It helps to eat elephant one bite at a time. For example, to write one page for your book each day.

Whiteboard App REVIEW

Once set up, Whiteboard can save a lot of time on a regular planning routine. The app is designed to enable you to do more with fewer taps. The user interface is lightweight and makes managing your tasks a fast and easy experience. Clear and conquer your daily to-do list by swiping tasks as Done or off to Later for the ones you can’t get to today and be agile.

Whiteboard App REVIEW

You can learn more on the website, but even more — developers run webinars and update their Medium blog to help you build a more effective task management routine.

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