Guest submission by Lyza Hayn

Curious about what new trends this year will bring about in the iGaming industry? Especially for iOS users, 2019 looks to be a whirlwind of excitement. Mobile matters more than ever, and providers constantly search for ways to make the experience better. Meanwhile, new tech emerges with some hot new ways to play and keep safe while doing it, as remote casino gaming quickly becomes a global pastime.

The Move to Online American Markets

With mobile casinos becoming more popular than ever before, U.S. lawmakers are eager to turn a profit — much to the delight of gamblers across the country. Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States finally lifted the ban on sports betting. Advocates for more lenient gambling laws are now exuberant and believe that this is one of the first steps to legalizing all types of gambling across the board. The next horizon after that, they argue, is the internet.

You may have already heard about New Jersey’s recent inauguration into the world of legal online gambling, and they now reap the rewards of their new system in the form of tax revenue. Now, other states like Delaware and New York want a piece of the pie. With more lenient laws, remote iGaming providers stand to move into U.S. markets and capitalize, making sure their sites and the corresponding applications are in tip-top condition for their foray into the U.S.

Lawmakers in Kentucky push for legalized online gambling, citing it as an excellent source of revenue to supplement their pension payment system.

In the future, iOS users in the U.S. will be able to access applications from their providers of choice right from the App Store. That means a seamless iGaming experience while living or visiting in the States, and a much wider range of options for the casual U.S. player. Apple could also begin working with game developers to provide a seamless and fully-integrated casino experience for iOS users, but it’s yet unclear whether this will happen. 

The shift toward U.S. markets also means an expansive marketing effort centered around the U.S. from providers from both within and outside of the States. As outside providers team up with U.S.-based casinos, mobile players will be able to pick and choose who they want to play with, sparking healthy competition as well as normalization of the iGaming industry and an embrace of its culture.

Crypto-Currency on the Rise in Online Casinos

We heard about the rise of cryptocurrencies back in 2017, and it seems like ever since then, online casinos have been fully aware of the vast implications of this type of currency. However, it’s only a recent development that reputable casinos have started operations using crypto, accepting it as a form of payment.

Before, it was hard for a crypto casino to inspire trust. However, with the new gold standard of the “provably fair” concept finally taking hold, players can test and vet Bitcoin and crypto casinos to their heart’s content. It seems like cryptocurrency will finally take its place in the sun. 

The concept of “provably fair” means that the user can verify beyond a reasonable doubt that the casino uses a functional and truly random algorithm in their numbers generator. 

Now, iOS users across the board will be able to make payments using Bitcoin at casinos they can trust. The new year calls for a wide range of payment options for the sake of the user and a shift from more traditionally bank-centered payment processing to blockchain-based systems. Cryptocurrencies will ride that new wave into the future, making themselves an indispensable part of the online casino experience. 

However, this does come with some implications for the industry. The blockchain (the information system that powers cryptocurrencies) has been criticized for the same things that make it so attractive to users like its anonymity. Such is mainly due to licensing organizations like the U.K. Gambling Commission have laws in place requiring verification of the source of funds to prevent money laundering and the like. This requirement does not allow for anonymity. 

No one has come up with a widespread solution so far, but the blockchain and cryptocurrency gambling have enough advantages to become wildly popular — which means it’s profitable. As a result, lovers of crypto can breathe a sigh of relief because it won’t get shut down. Instead, it will help to revolutionize the industry and force casino licensing and regulatory administrations across the world to create new laws to regulate it. We can look forward to finding out about those in the next year. 

Consumers Want Better Mobile

Over the past few years, users have become more and more impressed with the kind of games they can play right from their phones. However, many casino apps regularly experience glitches, crashes and often, don’t have the variety and options that users want. The year 2019 will change all that because the competition is fierce, and the market has changed. 

As a whole new world opens up for iOS users, they’re going to be careful about which casino apps they utilize. Good graphics, tons of games and excellent system compatibility are essential. 

Consumers don’t only want a mobile casino app. They want an app that’s fast, convenient and doesn’t compromise when it comes to options. An excellent example of this would be the app for playing mobile bingo from Wink Bingo. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities for the user, without any of the pressure that comes from using some other online casino apps. Free-play options bide their time, alongside real-money options, and the site offers a whole host of different games. As a result, slots, bingo and many casino games are all accessible for the user. 

Streamlined apps like this are the future of the mobile sector for iOS casino gamers. Depending on where you’re located, apps like this one are already available in the App Store. However, they will continue to go through upgrades as the industry focus shifts more toward user experience and more data comes in regarding what consumers want. With each new wave of upgrades, you’ll love your iGaming app even more.

Security Tech to Move in Leaps and Bounds

Good news for gambling lovers across the board: security has improved. iOS users know that Apple has always been notoriously security-conscious, especially when it comes to fingerprint logins, voice recognition and the like. It’s no surprise that their developers are highly conscious of security. However, it seems like some of the aspects iOS users are already familiar with are more and more popular with mobile casinos, as venues seek to provide a safe and more secure experience for their users. 

Sony Xperia 10 Smartphone REVIEW
Along with increased mobility comes security risks. In 2019, casinos will begin implementing more high-tech security practices so that their players can feel secure.

Fingerprint technology would allow the correct person to log on and play at the touch of a thumb while ensuring that the wrong people cannot access the account at all. However, voice recognition could be a widespread alternative to this or even an additional measure of security on certain sites. 

Overall, 2019 looks to bring about some exciting changes in the world of online casinos. Such holds especially true for iOS users, who can expect to be able to play online with much more agency than they’ve ever had before. If you’re hoping to get in on the action, there’s no better time than now to get your game on.