Are you considering purchasing an iPad or do you own one and wish to find out what it can do? Either way, if you wish to know more about the gadget, you have come to the right place. The question of how to use an iPad is an easy one to answer since there are so many answers to give.

From itbeing able to access the internet and watch whatever video content you like, its gaming function which allows you to play any number of games, and the variety of apps that are readily available in the App Store. This is merely an overview of a few functions of the iPad, prepare to be amazed! 

Let us begin with the most obvious perk of owning one of these – the convenient travel size. It is perfect for those trips that used to require lugging around a clunky laptop case. With the iPad, it fits securely into your briefcase or you can hold it in your hand for quick and easy access. The size is even a perk at home, as you can easily go from room to room with it assisting you with various tasks. For instance, when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen from an online recipe, or watching a “how to” video while trying to unclog your bathroom sink. 

For your leisurely needs, the iPad is perfect for a cosy night in streaming movies on Netflix or Apple TV. It additionally makes a convenient eReader you can snuggle up with and read one of the thousands of eBooks available on Apple Books. If you do not have a substantial collection of music downloaded, never fear! There are many ways to stream music, including the nifty way to create stations that are suited to your taste. It has good speakers of its own, but more importantly, it does possess Bluetooth capabilities and so it is ready to blast your favourites while you entertain. Its gaming function allows you to download games from the App Store or play over the internet. Before you know it you could be relapsing and downloading Candy Crush (again) or playing casino games over the net. The quality of gameplay is improving rapidly and the various options you can choose from is staggering. Careful not to get couch locked with this gaming function!

Not only can the iPad take photos and record videos, it can also edit them. The device has built-in software that allows you to make all sorts of edits. The Photos app that comes with the iPad is just for the basics, there is a plethora of editing apps you can download from the App Store to produce the best result. When it comes to video editing, the iPad does a good job there as well. The built-in iMovie app allows you to create fun video content with your very own theme music. 

The iPad could replace your smartphone and your computer. This device has the features typically associated with phones; making calls, receiving calls and texting. The most common function we all use our phones for is checking social media; which is just as easy to access on the iPad. When it comes to your computer, the physical features can simply be plugged in, for instance, an external keyboard. This could reduce the number of electronic devices you use and save you maintenance and replacement fees in the long run. Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of having your own personal assistant; Siri. 

These are the best uses of the iPad, in no particular order, that make this device convenient and worth owning. There are so many functions that it is more than likely that a few have been omitted from this list. Between the constant upgrades and the new versions released; the unlimited functionality in which the iPad possesses is startling! 


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