What you need to know about AWS

For years, business owners have used cloud-based services due to how flexible and cost-effective it is. One of the best ways to utilize the power of the cloud is by taking advantage of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). In essence, IaaS provides companies with the ability to get cloud storage via an internet connection.

With an IaaS, you will be able to do things like sublet virtual networks and storage with ease. You can also implement various software as a service (SaaS) tools to help optimize these virtual networks.

One of the most popular and useful cloud-based service providers on the market is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Initially launched in 2006, AWS was designed to make online retail options simpler. Since then, this platform has gained nearly 350 million customers and shows no signs of letting up.

Here are some of the things you need to know about AWS and the great services they provide their customers.

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service is a Great Tool

When creating an application or piece of cloud-based software, you will need to have all of its data backed up. With the Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3 for short, you can get a backup for up to 5 GB. This program allows users to create, organize and store all files and data in S3 online buckets.

If you are looking for long-term cold data storage, you may want to use the Amazon Glacier program. This low-cost storage option allows you to store data that isn’t used very often. Often times, businesses use the Amazon Glacier program due to the fact that it allows them to save money on storage. The money saved is often invested back into the development of new cloud-based products.

AWS Makes Data Migration Easy

If you are looking for a system that allows you to migrate everything from databases to applications, then AWS is just what you need. Amazon provides their users with an AWS Migration Hub, which allows them to easily migrate all of their data to the cloud with a few button clicks.

AWS also offers another program referred to as Snowball that helps users put all of their data on the AWS cloud. Other cloud-based hosting services don’t provide this convenience when it comes to data migration, which is why consumers love AWS and the tools it provides so much.

Cloud Management and Configuration Tools

Are you looking for a service that allows you to configure cloud-based resources? Using AWS Config is ideal when trying to accomplish this task. The AWS Trusted Advisor tool provides users with guidance regarding how to configure their cloud resources efficiently.

This tool weighs various factors like performance enhancement and cost-effectiveness when trying to help a user devise a resource configuration strategy. Trying to come up with the strategy on your own can lead to a vast amount of mistake being made, which is why taking advantage of the tools offered by AWS is such a good idea. They also offer AWS Cloudtrail, which helps track user activity – a monitoring solution that can be connected to your other monitoring solutions to track everything. You can read more about it here: https://www.loggly.com/docs/cloudtrail-log-ingestion/

AWS Offers Iron-Clad Security

The main concern you should have when launching an app or a piece of software on the cloud is security. Failing to properly secure your programs can lead to big problems in the future. Luckily, AWS has the Identity and Access Management system, which allows users to manage the access both employees and consumers have to their cloud-based resources.

Limiting the access to sensitive information can help you avoid issues regarding this data falling into the wrong hands. AWS also allows you to both create and customize security policies for all of your accounts. AWS is also known for taking data security very seriously and has a number of robust security policies in place at the various data centers it has all over the world.

Take Advantage of AWS Development Tools

As any business owner knows, constantly innovating and releasing new apps is a great way to stay in the public eye. With the help of AWS Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface, you can easily manage and build new applications easily. The software development kits provided by AWS support popular programming languages like Java, Python and Ruby.

These development kits can also be used on either iOS or Android app building platforms successfully. Using AWS tools and cloud-hosting to build and launch your applications allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The team at AWS have made it their mission to provide their users with tools that are both comprehensive and easy to use.

Utilizing the power of cloud-based computing will help your business grow leaps and bounds. Rather than having to invest an untold amount of money in onsite servers, you can use the data centers and servers provided by Amazon. Building and hosting apps or software on the cloud makes them more accessible and easy to change.