If you have been betting for some time now, you probably remember the days when online betting became really popular. A few years later, almost every punter uses smartphones or tablets to place sports bets and play casino games.

Over the years, most mobile applications and websites became better and easier to use. This was one of the main reasons why mobile bettors have grown rapidly. However, there are still many things that we haven’t seen, so here are some of the features and improvements we can expect to come across in the near future.

Using holograms

One of the future techs that we can’t wait to see in the gambling industry is called holography. Even though most people think that this only exists in movies, there have been various experiments with this tech. Thus, we might see this in the betting industry at some point in the future.

There are many ways in which we can take advantage of holograms while we’re betting. For example, we could watch a certain sports event or play casino games right in front of us.

Virtual Reality

Even though we really want to use holograms, we will probably have to wait at least a few years for that. However, another cool tech will probably be available in the gambling industry soon, and that’s Virtual Reality. 

In the beginning, some manufacturers created special devices that allowed us to take advantage of VR technology. Unfortunately, most of the computers could not utilize this technology because they didn’t have enough resources.

Nowadays, the situation is different, which is why we expect to see VR a lot more in every aspect of life, including betting. In the meantime, you can use your handheld device to explore the mobile app of 22bet. It has the latest mobile gambling features, which will help you make the most out of your bet.

New kinds of virtual sports

Virtual sports are one of the things that people like to bet on, especially in some situations. Even though real sports are definitely more appealing, these computer simulations have one significant advantage – they are available all the time.

Some punters don’t have the time to bet on live events because they are at work, which is why they prefer to punt on virtual sports. Apart from football, some betting operators also have things like tennis, horse racing, speedway, greyhounds, and more.

We expect to see a lot more virtual sports in the future, especially for our mobile devices. In fact, some betting companies might even try to release virtual sports only for their mobile apps or mobile websites so that they can attract new customers.

More betting features

Lastly, we expect to see a lot more mobile betting features. Currently, customers can use many cool things that will help them while they’re having fun. However, there is definitely room for improvement, especially since things like eSports are starting to become really popular.