While technology in the sports arena has evolved greatly in the last decade, you can’t sit on your watch every game. However, technology is making sure that you stay connected with all your favorite teams no matter where you’re located. Here are the top five sports apps that will help you to stay in touch with scores, news, highlights, and betting. Even better, all these apps are compatible with iPhone and iPads.

Five Best Sports Apps for iPhone


ESPN is one of the essential sports apps in the app store. It’s actually among the first names that will come up if you search for sports applications in the apple store.  The app is great for mainstream sports, allowing you to receive highlights, view scores, follow teams, and much more. You can also set up your favorites feed to get the news you’re interested in seeing.

With iMessage integration, you can use the app to share scores with your friends and also watch video highlights in conversations. Additionally, ESPN gives you live stream access to regional and national radio stations and podcasts.  Even better, it’s free to download the app.

The Score

If you want to follow tons of professional leagues, The Score is the best iPhone sports app for you. The app has everything you’d like in a sports app, including score updates and news from all your favorite teams. You can also follow individual players and customize your alerts to get notified only on what you’re interested in receiving.


With Betway98 being compatible with iOS/Mac devices, punters can easily wager on their favorite sports from anywhere in the globe. The app not only allows you to enjoy the best odds and bonuses, but it also helps you to enjoy in-play betting easily.

Unlike the other sports apps on the list, Betway98 allows you to enjoy an unlimited thrill in various leagues and sports. You can bet on football, hockey, tennis, rugby, and basketball, to list a few. Moreover, the app allows you to jump from one market to another in virtually no time.


CBS Sports

Folks who want a user-friendly app to stay updated with NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLS, and MLB sports will find CBS sport to be quite useful. This iPhone app sticks to the main leagues, leaving the small stuff out, but you can get exactly what you need. It gives you tweets and push notifications, giving you the chance to tailor everything the way you like.

Some cable subscribers can enjoy the CBS sports network live, and you can expect to see more support for cable providers in the future. You can also enjoy listening to CBS sports Radio and stay updated with everything happening to your favorite teams.

NBC Sports

Similar to CBS sports, this app is another great resource for iPhone users who want to stay updated with sports news. Users with a TV subscription can stream events live, including the NHL regular season, Sunday Night Football, and Indy Car Racing, to mention a few.

When it comes to the Olympics, the app is an excellent way to stay updated with everything happening and also watch live events. Additionally, the app supports AirPlay to allow you to watch everything from your Apple TV and other airplay compatible monitors.