Storage made easy with the Western Digital 4TB MyBook.

Western Digital 4TB MyBook Review 2Storage has become a problem for the Xbox One. 500 GB just does not last very long when games take up anywhere from 20-50+ GB. I did not have that much of an issue until this year, with games like Rare Replay Extra (a very fun game). Also, I feel I need to download the free Games with Gold, because it feels like I am throwing away money if I do not. So, do I work on active hard drive management and add/delete as needed or do I, paraphrasing from the movie The Martian, science the bleep out of the thing? I chose option 2.

As many of you are aware, the Xbox one does not support internal hard drive exchange. So, like any good tech lover, I turned to the Internet. I found multiple websites detailing the best external hard drive for Xbox One. The Xbox One internal drive supports SATA2 and allows 3Gbit transfer speeds. Current generation external drives using USB 3.0 have faster transfer speeds than this at about 5Gbit per second. So, we cannot exchange the internal drive for an SSD, but we can have some fun with USB 3.0. Many of the USB 3.0 1.0 TB drives (triples total storage space) cost 60-90 dollars, are small, will lie flat and do not require additional power adapters. However, I believe this amount of storage space will only temporarily delay this space/storage crisis (ok over dramatic I know).

Western Digital 4TB MyBook Review 3I chose the Western Digital 4TB MyBook USB 3.0 hard drive and purchased this from Amazon for around 120 dollars on sale. There are definitely lesser priced drives, lesser sized drives and obviously lesser quality ones. WD has been making drives for a long time, there are over 3K reviews on Amazon and it seems to do what it is supposed to, which is sit there and remember things. Do you really need 4TB? Likely you do not need this today, but who knows how big these games will get over the next year. My suspicion is that games will only get bigger with time and thus spending an extra 20-30 dollars per Tb is definitely worth the price now. I have found transfer times are good, games play well and start very well. I have been very happy with this drive and recommend it for Xbox one owners. You want easy? All it took to use this was to plug it in. Xbox one immediately recognized it and formatted it. It can now be used in any Xbox one.

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