This week in tech news – Apple TV update pulled, iPhone 5S goes immediately to back-order and $26 billion reported in App Revenue.

Apple TV 6.0 Pulled by Apple
On Friday, Apple released an Apple TV software update – version 6.0. Unfortunately, many people reported having ‘bricked’ units after attempting the update. As a result, Apple has pulled the update for the time being. Version 5.3 of Apple TV’s software stands as the current version while Apple sorts out the problem.

iPhone 5S Sold Out
On Friday, September 20, the iPhone 5C and 5S went on sale at retailers across the world. Most of the members of the Apple community expected that the Gold 5S would be in short supply, but no one knew how short. Within an hour of opening sales on the, the Gold iPhone 5S was on backorder until October. As of Sunday, September 22, the iPhone 5C is still in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, but the 5S in all colors is not available until some time in October. Apple released a statement regarding their record sales of the iPhone this morning. “Apple® today announced it has sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone® 5s and iPhone 5c models, just three days after the launch of the new iPhones on September 20.” Click here to read the entire statement.

Gartner Reports $26 Billion in App Revenue
With Apple selling 90 million iPhones within the first three days of launching its newest line of products, there’s no question that app development and sales would be through the roof. Gartner Research is stating that global revenue of $26 billion from app sales is projected for 2013. Free downloads continue to be prodominent – approximately 91 percent of all app downloads – with in-app purchases being the business model for most developers. In 2013, in-app purchases will account for 17% of all app-based revenue. In 2011, it only accounted for 11% and is projected to account for 48% by the year 2017.



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