This Week in Tech News – Microsoft pulls tablet update, Google to sell Facebook ads and Apple releases the newest television commercial.

Microsoft Pulls Windows RT 8.1
After a number of users reported the “blue screen of death” bricked their Surface RTs after the update to Windows RT 8.1, Microsoft pulled the update from its store. Apparently after immediately finishing the update installation, users get the blue screen of death along with an error message stating, “Your PC needs to be repaired. The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.” This effectively bricked the devices. Reports state that Microsoft engineers are working on the problem, but no timeline has been released for when the update will be rereleased.

Google and Facebook Strike a Deal
Google, the world’s largest search engine and Facebook, the world’s largest social network, have announced a deal where Google will begin selling Facebook ad inventory. The ads will be sold via Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. In a few months, ads will also be available on Facebook’s Ad Exchange platform, too.

iPhone 5S Gold’s TV Debut
Apple (in my opinion) has struck gold with its most recent series of television commercials since the launch of the newest iPhone models. The first one was called “Plastic Perfected” and featured the iPhone 5C. It showed a rainbow of colors in liquid that formed the iPhone 5Cs with the tagline, “It’s for the colorful.” Next, it was “Designed Together,” which featured the iPhone 5C and the custom Apple-designed case. The next two commercials, were called, “Greetings,” and “Greetings Too.” These commercials feature people of all kinds answering their iPhones. These spots have heart and make me smile every time I see them. Now, the iPhone 5S gets its TV debut with “Metal Mastered.”