This Week in Tech News – Dropbox has service outage and Court of Appeals Clears Apple.

Dropbox Fixing Problems
Online storage service, Dropbox, is experiencing an outage beginning Friday, January 10. The popular service assures users that files are safe. As of this afternoon, Dropbox was making progress in fixing the damage and that 99 percent of users were able to access their files. Dropbox does not believe this outage had anything to do with hackers, but rather routine maintenance.

Court Clears Apple
The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, DC has declared that Apple did not breach a patent with iPhone production. The original claim was made by Motorola – US Patent 6,272,666 or ‘Method and apparatus in wireless communication system for control of delivery of data.’ The International Trade Commission made the decision in April 2013 to clear Apple of of the patent infringement.