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Weather Live iOS App Review 3It’s amazing to me that with our local news the weather is mentioned no less than four times. It’s because it’s the most desired information people want to know. That’s probably also why there is no shortage of weather-based apps in the iTunes App Store. I personally have had probably a dozen weather apps since I first owned an iPhone in 2007. One thing I’ve learned in all that time – when I’m looking for a weather app, I just wanted something simple and quick. That’s why I really like Weather Live by Apalon Apps.

Weather Live gives you just what you need for your day – timely, relevant weather conditions illustrated with catchy icons. The app is designed to give you updates and notifications when there are changes outdoors and provide you with current weather conditions in your local city or any other locations around the world.

Weather Live iOS App Review 4When you first open the app, you are met with a beautiful, crisp screen of information. You immediately see the local weather stats for your location. Temperature, current sky condition, the time, hourly forecast and daily forecast are all available on this screen. For the most part, this is the app. You open it and your information is just there – at a glance without any additional work. This is something I really appreciate because some weather apps really make you work for the information.

The layout of your screen, or dashboard, is completely customizable. The developer worked in some fabulous options for choosing what information you want shown and which layout you prefer. It’s rather unique as many other weather apps just say, “Here’s the app. You can’t do anything with it.”

Weather Live iOS App Review 5Weather Live also a widget built-in to the interface for the Notification Center. You can quickly check the current temperature and get the forecast at a glance without even opening the app.

I think one of my favorite features of this app is that the backgrounds are animated and they change depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The visual is so pleasing that it’s quite easy to pass the time watching this app rather than a screen saver.

Weather Live iOS App Review 6Apalon Apps just released version 4.5 with some really nice features. There is now a social weather forecasting option. You can confirm the weather or report weather conditions to Weather Live developers and they will use the information to improve your area’s forecasts. The app now uses the barometric pressure sensor built-in to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2 to provide the most accurate data. There have also been some very nice performance updates made in the background that you won’t see, but they definitely enhance your overall experience with the app.

Weather Live iOS App Review 8In addition to these updates, there is also Apple Watch support. With the watch interface, you really just get the current conditions and temperature, but it’s a simple, elegant layout so that you can see the weather outlook and move on with your day.

Weather Live is a very nice, elegant app. I really loe using it because of it’s quick and efficient nature. For more information, visit

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