1. Save money by finding the cheapest gas nearby with GasBuddy .99 cents in the Appstore.

2. Save from $5-$15 a month by taking texting off your plan and using Textfree! You can send up to 15 per day with the free version and the pay for which is unlimited costs $5.99 to buy.

3. Save money and wallet space by using cardstar to save your member cards for tons of retailers and just have them scan your iphone. Of course you have to have the member card already but still, it can be a lot more convenient than searching your wallet for it.

4. Save money by comparing prices by using RedScanner .99 cents Appstore. Turn your iphone into a portable barcode scanner that will look the product up online and compare to online and local retailers.

5. Save money on your minutes by using iCall VOIP service. If you do not have a landline phone and you want to cut back on using your phones minutes, you can make unlimited outgoing VOIP calls over any wifi connection and they also provide pay for service that will let you receive calls as well for around $10 a month if you talk on the phone enough.

6. Save money with coupons by using Yowza!! for iphone (Free App!). This app uses your current location and shows you current coupons that nearby businesses are offering.

7. Save money by getting apps when they are on discounted for a lower price or for free by using PandoraBox (Free App!)

8. Save money going out to eat if you have kids by using the KidsEatFree app (.99 cents) that shows you nearby restaurants that have kids eat free.