The only one-touch wearable gel hand sanitizer on the market

For the past six months, we’ve been living in a world of face masks and hand sanitizer. While there seem to be many schools of thought surrounding our current community health crisis, I like to err on the side of caution and do what health organizations worldwide are recommending. If it helps to protect my family from outside contaminants, then I’m all for it. That said, our family has tried to find efficient, effective ways to keep safety top of mind when we find ourselves having to leave the house and go out in public. One of those precautions we take is to always have hand sanitizer with us. For several months we’ve carried small bottles of either liquid or gel hand sanitizer to ensure that we could kill germs that might land on our hands between hand washings. That can be inconvenient at times, but fortunately, Bond Sanitizer created a better way to distribute hand sanitizer to consumers — the Wave.


The Wave by Bond is the only one-touch wearable hand sanitizer available. The idea behind the Wave came out of the COVID-19 new sense of normal. Product designers with Bond though, “What if you could carry your hand sanitizer on your hip, so you wouldn’t have to fumble for the tube or mess with a spray?” And with that, the idea for the Wave was born. The Wave is made up of a holster and a cartridge. The cartridge works with gel hand sanitizer because it provides complete coverage rather than being watered down as many sprays or liquid sanitizers tend to be. Bond uses sanitizer that is made with Ethyl alcohol, which is FDA and CDC recommended for fighting most diseases.

The Wave is designed to be worn at the hip and the holster can be hooked onto a belt, waistband, or bag strap quickly and easily. The cartridge slides into the holster and snaps into place. There is a silicone tip on the cartridge that can be removed in order to refill it. The cartridge is recyclable and can be replaced if it gets worn out. Any gel sanitizer can be used to refill the cartridge.

In addition to creating a product that helps slow the spread of coronavirus and being environmentally-friendly, Bond Sanitizer is giving back to communities, too.

Bond Sanitizer knows that helping hands create safer communities. Therefore, a portion of every purchase of Bond Sanitizer will go to the American Nurses Association.


Bond Sanitizer is the only one-touch wearable gel hand sanitizer on the market.
Bond Sanitizer is a simple, effective, and minimalist design that puts consumers back in the driver’s seat with personal sanitization right at their fingertips. The Wave by Bond is a holster – which holds a cartridge of gel hand sanitizer – and acts as a personal hand sanitizer that can be clipped directly onto the hip, bags, purse straps, or anywhere else convenient allowing for safe and convenient access to high-quality gel sanitizer.
Bond Sanitizer is sophisticated and minimalist, allowing consumers to wear them anywhere and with anything. From business attire to athleisure wear, Bond Sanitizer sits comfortably and goes with you wherever you go.
Unlike spray sanitizers that are dispensed in smaller doses and evaporate quicker, gel hand sanitizers provide complete coverage, from wrist to fingertip ensuring maximal germ eradication.
Designed by science and backed by doctors, Bond Sanitizer relies on data to ensure that its products are tested and proven to do what they say.
In addition to general consumers, Bond Sanitizer is ideal for: 
o       Hospitality workers
o       Healthcare workers
o       Foodservice & restaurant staff
o       Frequent travelers
o       Families with young kids, elderly, or immunocompromised
Bond Sanitizer is committed to eliminating as much waste as possible by using 100% recyclable material and using less plastic than an average water bottle. Plus, each cartridge holds 40-50 doses, enough for a week of average use. Additionally, Bond Sanitizer reduces the need for gloves, therefore reducing the added waste of disposable glove use.
The Wave by Bond holster and empty cartridge retail for $14.99. The holster is available in white, gray, and black.
Bond Sanitizer was developed by entrepreneurs Hirsch Chinn and Jake Counne, who over a virtual coffee meeting discussed simple solutions that would minimize the stress of public outings while answering the need for human connection.


Because I’m somewhat of a germaphobe and am constantly washing my hands, Bond’s Wave seemed like a godsend to me from the moment I heard about it. In addition to being a germaphobe (thanks to OCD), I also live with social anxiety disorder. Those two conditions combined have made living through this pandemic situation frustrating and at times unbearable. I’m really fortunate to have a strong support system, but I could see others who are living on their own really struggling to survive when they have to be in public. As strange as it may sound, having the Wave attached to my hip when I have to venture out has been somewhat like a safety blanket for me. It’s made me feel less anxious because I know that I don’t have to fumble with finding or waiting for hand sanitizer to be applied to my hands. It’s always right there when I need it.

As far as using it goes, the Wave is pretty self-explanatory. I have two small issues when using it. First, the clip on the holster is very tight. While that’s a really good thing for security once it’s attached, it can be a little tricky to navigate one-handed when you are trying to hook it onto a tight belt or waistband. I think it would be really cool to see a clip mechanism that is a little more flexible so that it’s easier to attach without needing to use both hands. The other issue I had was that the silicone tip popped off the cartridge when I was trying to get the holster connected to my belt. The result was that I had hand sanitizer drip down my pant leg. Aside from those two user errors, the Wave worked as it should. By applying a little bit of pressure to the ridged portion of the cartridge, the valve on the inside of the silicone tip releases and a moderate amount of sanitizer is left in your hand. The mechanism for the tip actually reminds me a lot of bite valves you might see on water bottles. It allows for the sanitizer to leave the cartridge, but when it’s closed nothing can go in or out. Recently I visited my family doctor and showed off the WAVE to him. I wanted to see his reaction to this inventive little device. I was told that he thought it was creative and that it could be a major help to people fighting to keep from getting sick.


The Wave by Bond is a really awesome innovation in the field of health care accessories. It helps people stay germ-free when they have to be out in public, but is small enough to be a convenient everyday carry item. The Wave (Holster + Cartridge) is currently sold for $14.99.

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