The smart ring allows people to take a step back from their desks and easily control applications such as Zoom, Spotify and PowerPoint with the push of a button

The days of being stuck sitting in front of a computer are over. Genki Instruments, a design-driven technology company based in Iceland, today announced the launch of Wave for Work, a smart ring that controls popular computer applications with the click of a button. Designed to give people who are working remotely more flexibility, the ring allows them to manage the most commonly used work applications, including Zoom, PowerPoint and Spotify, with the press of one of its three buttons or a simple hand gesture.

In 2018, Genki Instruments launched the original Wave smart ring to allow music lovers and professionals to easily shape sound, control effects and send commands using intuitive gestures. When the pandemic forced the Genki team to shift to working remotely, they realized that the Wave software could be updated to address the new realities of working from home. This led to the creation of Wave for Work. See it in action here.

“As our team began to work from home at the start of the pandemic, we realized that our Wave ring could streamline our workflow by managing the programs that we started using daily, like Zoom and Skype,” said Ólafur Bjarki Bogason, CEO of Genki Instruments. “Wave for Work is based on our core technology and the same simple-to-use hardware as Wave, but is redesigned to control applications that many of us use throughout the workday. With Wave for Work, people are no longer constrained to their desks during presentations or video calls. They can sit back, stand up or walk around their homes while still controlling work programs with the ring.”

Simple Design to Manage Important Tasks

Wave for Work is an adjustable ring worn on the index finger with its three buttons facing the thumb for easy control. Created to work right out of the box, it connects instantly with macOS & Windows 10 computers through its accompanying software. Once synced with a computer, users can customize their experience by assigning tasks to control their favorite applications, such as adjusting the volume on Spotify, muting themselves on Zoom and switching between presentation slides in PowerPoint. Through its proprietary real-time gesture engine, users can also pair commands with a roll hand gesture. Wave for Work’s display allows users to see commands directly on the ring.

With a 30-foot operating range, professionals can easily navigate and control tasks from anywhere in a room. Wave for Work is compatible with popular programs, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Keynote, Spotify, Photoshop, OBS, and many more. Tasks that can be managed from the ring include:

  • Video calls — Mute, push-to-talk, manage cameras and raise-a-hand, on popular call and video conference programs.
  • Presentations — Start a slideshow and click through slides using the Wave for Work buttons, while being able to stand away from a computer and keep hands free during a presentation.
  • Music — Play, pause, skip, fast forward and adjust the volume of music and podcasts on streaming services.
  • Custom — Create shortcuts and personalized tasks for most-used programs and actions. 

AvailabilityAvailable in black, Wave for Work is rechargeable with eight hours of battery. It is currently available for a special launch offer of $99 (MSRP $149) at

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