Watermark Plus for Mac is an easy-to-use, intuitive batch photo converter.

There is nothing worse than having to rename a huge group of photographs when you are done with a photo shoot or event. It can take such a long time to sift through all the ones you want to keep and even longer to emboss a watermark recognizing your photos as yours on each of your pieces of artwork. Watermark Plus from PearlMountain is an easy, intuitive bulk photo converter for Mac. It allows you to add text/image watermark, resize and rename a batch of photos.

watermarkplus2Some of the main features of Watermark Plus include:

  • Support for all common image formats – JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Watermark support using text or images
  • WYSIWYG previews
  • Customizable watermarks
  • Resizing by width, height or percentage
  • Customizable image names including numbers, date created and date modified

Watermark Plus is different from other batch converter I’ve used in the sense that it only gives you what you need. The app provides you with a simple interface that is easy to understand and can allows you to complete batch edits quickly and efficiently.

To get started, you simply choose a group of photos and drag them onto the app. In testing the app, I chose an album from my iPhoto library that contained more than 1,200 photos. Watermark Plus only took about 15 seconds to read the files. After you’ve got your photos loaded, you take a look at what you want to batch edit. For me, I know that I want to change all the file names to include the event and an index number for sorting. So, in the ‘Rename’ field, I type the words “DDayRenactment” and drag-and-drop the “Number” field into the Rename criteria box. The nicest part of this feature is that there is an example below the box that shows you what to expect. Also, under the “Setting” menu are the ‘resize’ and ‘format’ functions. I decided to shrink the photos to be half the original size and to make sure the file format was PNG.

watermarkplus1Now, onto the watermark. These photographs were taken as a part of a larger community event and I want to make sure that wherever they end up that proper credit is given to the photographer. The text watermark is completely customizable and probably one of the most unique features of the watermark option is that the app comes equipped with a smart feature that intelligently adapts watermarks to the different sizes of the photographs in your batch. Once you are happy with the watermark, size, file name and format, it’s time to convert.

If you have an extraordinarily large amount of photos in your batch, it might take a while. I attempted converting the entire 1,200 photo batch I prepared and at the half way point, it had taken about 10 minutes. When I’ve tested smaller batches of about 5-10 photos it only took a few seconds.

Watermark Plus is a wonderful, efficient app that makes batch conversion very easy. Watermark Plus retails for $4.99 and is currently on version 1.0. It was recently released on August 5, 2014.

For more information visit pearlmountainsoft.com/watermarkplus/.

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