Watermark FX creates watermarks for your photographic and graphic pieces.

Protecting your original photographic works online can be tricky. If it is properly tagged, there is a good possibility that someone will find it through a Google Image search. If it can be found, it can be used. If you value your work as your own, you will not want it used without being given proper credit. This is where watermarks come in handy. There are some design programs that will allow you to include a watermark on an object when you print, but not necessarily when you export a file. Watermark FX for Mac makes it easy to burn a watermark onto your work.


Watermark FX is an image converter that allows you to include a customized watermark on your images when exporting. Watermark FX utilizes drag-and-drop as a method for importing images along with a file menu import function. Once you have imported the images you want to convert, you then have the option to change file names and resize the images. As for the watermarking, you can choose to select a logo, text and/or watermark lines. Each of the watermark options allow the users to select position and opacity of the watermark, too. Once all of the options have been chosen, the user then chooses what file format to use (PNG, JPG, TIFF or GIF). The file exports to a user defined destination.

Overall, I really like this app. I feel that it fulfills its mission and creates watermarks quickly and easily for multiple images. It is very user friendly and the only criticism I have of it is that there is no preview for the watermark being created. If you are simply including text or a logo as the watermark, it’s not really an issue, but if you are trying include both, it is difficult to determine placement prior to exporting the file. In creating the sample I included with this review, I exported the file three times before I had the right placement and size of the watermark. If Watermark FX included a preview function, time used to create the watermark would be greatly decreased because it would make up for any wasted time in unnecessary exports.

I do recommend this app to any graphic artists or photographers. It is a huge help when adding watermarks to pieces of graphic work.