Waterfield Cargo Laptop Bag is an elegant leather laptop bag with plenty of space.

The first full week of January is CES week. It’s the largest technology convention in the world and this year, I had the opportunity to attend as a member of the press. When covering an event like that for a site like MacSources, one must carry a certain amount of equipment and gadgets along with them. And, at events like this, you ultimately end up with product giveaways, too, not to mention all the literature and business cards that are handed out. In short, you need a really strong, large bag to tote around with you at an event like that.

Waterfield Cargo Laptop Bag Review

When doing my research before the event, I found that Waterfield Designs, one of my personal favorite companies for laptop bags, had a large messenger-style bag in their product line.The Cargo Laptop Bag actually comes in three sizes –

  • Large – 18″ x 12″ x 5″, 4.35 lbs.
  • Medium – 16″ x 12″ x 3″, 2.95 lbs.
  • Small – 13″ x 10″ x 4″, 2.2 lbs.

Even though it weighs nearly 5 pounds on its own, I did opt for the Large version considering the use I was looking at. The main part of the bag is actually not made from leather, but the flap has a leather option – the other option is Indium. The Cargo Laptop Bag also features an anodized, aluminum buckle for the flap closure. It’s a very unique design feature and it works beautifully. The description on the Waterfield website states that the main compartment is “cavernous.” That, to me, is the perfect descriptor so I’m not going to try and top it. Other than the main compartment, the Cargo Laptop Bag also has a zippered pouch on the flap, a Velcro pouch large enough for a tablet, and zippered pocket, which is large enough to collect accessories. There is also a Velcro pocket on the backside that is perfect for documents.

Waterfield Cargo Laptop Bag Review

One thing that this bag does not include is padding that is normally added to messenger bags to protect laptops. Waterfield calls this out on the description page for the bag by stating – If you plan to carry a laptop in your Cargo, head over to our SleeveCase page to help you find the protective sleeve size that will fit like a glove. 

The heavy-duty bag has several color options – Black Ballistic, Taxi Indium, Black Leather, Cardinal Leather, Camel Leather, Dark Grey Leather, Peruvian Leather, and Grizzly Leather. Because I really wanted to show off the natural beauty of the leather, I chose the Grizzly Leather, which is a dark, chocolate brown color.

Waterfield Cargo Laptop Bag Review

I’ll admit that before going to CES, I spoke with a few companies about reviewing their products without thinking about how I would carry the products around all day. I was grateful to have the Cargo Laptop Bag with me because it really came in handy. The first day I was at CES, I did use another bag because it had a built-in battery and that made charging on the go very easy. It was a backpack and that did not make it easy to carry anything I picked up from booth vendors. I had boxes upon boxes of products for review and found that the Cargo Laptop bag was a much easier bag to use throughout the rest of the week. It became the holy grail of bags for me that week.

Waterfield Cargo Laptop Bag Review

The fact that it is a laptop bag without padding for the laptop is not something I was excited about, but for someone like me who drags everything with him, the Cargo is an amazing bag to have. It opens up wide and gives me plenty of room to store everything I need no matter what the occasion. I love the elegant style and superior functionality the Cargo Laptop Bag brings to the table.

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