This elegant case is the ideal companion for the Apple AirPods Max.

A couple of months ago I was given the Apple AirPods Max headphones as a gift. They have been the best companion for music listening as well as video chats for work. They are comfortable and have a very unique look. The only complaint I have about the headphones is that they don’t have a good traveling case that ships with them. Apple only included a simple sleeve-style case that serves a purpose but does not do a great job of protecting the headphones all the way around their body. Fortunately, Waterfield, a premium designer of cases for laptops, tablets, and other devices, created an amazing case for these extraordinary headphones. 


The AirPods Max Shield Case is designed to work specifically with the Apple AirPods Max headphones. They are available in leather (full-grain on the front) or vegan-friendly ballistic nylon. On the interior of the case, there is a magnetic leather (or nylon) Butterfly that separates the headphones’ ear cups to put the headphones into low power mode. This is the same function that the Apple headphones sleeve serves. And, even though the Butterfly is incorporated into the interior of the case, users have the choice of still keeping the headphones in that case and still using the Waterfield case, too. 

The interior of the case has ultra-plush lining backed with soft foam to prevent scratches. There are also top and bottom layers of closed-cell foam to provide added protection for the headphones and to help them resist compression. There is a zip-around closure with dual zipper sliders that make it possible to charge the headphones even while they are in the case. There is a top nylon loop designed to make it easy to grab or hook to a carabiner. An interior pocket available for storing a cable and charger for the headphones. There is also an exterior mesh pocket on the back for additional accessories. The case can easily be tossed into other bags and it’s available in four different colors for both the leather and vegan-friendly options.


Chocolate Leather + Waxed Canvas
Black Leather + Black Ballistic
Blue Leather + Black Ballistic
Crimson Leather + Black Ballistic
Black Ballistic (vegan-friendly)
Green Forza (vegan-friendly)
Blue Forza (vegan-friendly)
Red Forza (vegan-friendly)


Material1050 denier black ballistic nylon or rugged waxed canvas
Water-resistant, cross-woven Forza fabric
Four full-grain leather panel colors
Weight & DimensionsAirPods Max Shield Case:
9.50” (l) (at widest point) x 2.25 ” (w) x 9” (h) 
24 cm (l) (at widest point) x 6 cm (w) x 23 cm (h) 

Ballistic: 11 oz; 317 gm 
Canvas: 14 oz; 408 gm 
Forza: 11 oz; 317 gm
HardwareWaterproof zippers


First impressions are always the most important and the Shield Case does a great job with first impressions. I ordered the Chocolate Leather + Waxed Canvas version of the case and think it’s just beautiful. Some people might say that the case is too large, but I think it’s ideal especially for the investment you make in the headphones. Even though Waterfield designed this case to be able to work with the low-power function with the AirPods Max headphones, I like to keep them in their Apple Smart Case so that I don’t separate the two items. The headphones fit perfectly into the Waterfield case and it zips up to secure the headphones quite easily. 

I love the different storage options that are incorporated into the case. They are strategically placed and are very practical for small items. I haven’t used them much yet simply because I haven’t had a need to. I think they are really just large enough for things like cables. Anything larger than that and the case would lose some of its sleek style. I really like the pouch on the inside because it has the capacity for something larger like a charger. 

Another thing I noticed is that if you get the leather version as I did, you should be cautious about scratches. With it being leather, it’s meant to gain patina and conditioning over time, but I noticed a couple of scratches were visible after just a couple of days of using the case. It doesn’t ruin the case at all – it actually gives it character. It’s just something to be cautious of so that the case doesn’t become too worn all at once. 


The Shield Case for the Apple AirPods Max is beautiful. It’s just what I wanted to compliment these exquisite headphones. Watefield does a great job with designs and I think this case is pretty close to perfect. It stows away easily and is just awesome. 

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