Native dialing app adds a new level of functionality.

Watch Keypad Apple Watch App Review 3With Watch OS 2, you have more options to handle calls and text messages directly from your Apple Watch, but what happens when you need to send a text or place a call to someone who is not already in your contacts? On the Apple Watch, if the number is not in the recent calls or address book, you can’t. There are some knockoff smartwatches that come equipped with their own native dialer built into the watch’s interface. Even though this can be a little awkward trying to hit tiny keys on the watch screen, the dialer becomes an important part of a smart watch’s function for calling. This is why Watch Keypad was created.

Watch Keypad is a native Apple Watch app that allows for you to place calls by using a keypad to call or text any number whether or not it is in your address book. You can type in a number that you want to call or text rather than just searching through your contacts library.

Watch Keypad Apple Watch App Review 4The app is very easy to use. First, to install it, you simply download the app to your phone. Then you go into the Watch app and make sure that ‘Show App on Apple Watch’ is toggled to the ‘on’ position. Watch Keypad’s icon should then appear on your watch with no problems.

When you tap on the app, it does take a few seconds to start up, but this is probably because the app has to be connected to the iPhone’s calling and texting functions. After the app starts up, you can begin dialing.

Watch Keypad Apple Watch App Review 5An interesting feature about Watch Keypad is it will keep track of numbers you call or text using the app. So, if you entered a number and never saved it to your contacts, you can still pull up the recent calls and texts on the app and see the numbers you typed on the Apple Watch.

This is a very cool app and it add a wonderful layer of functionality that the Apple Watch didn’t have before.

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