CES Unveiled displayed several devices that piqued my interest.

CES Unveiled is like a teaser trailer. It sets certain expectations for the overall feel and trends of the show to come. I saw a lot of sleep tech, Alexa integration, and stuff geared towards child health and development. Now, all of that is great, but I don’t have kids, Alexa, or trouble sleeping. I kind of ended up skipping a lot of exhibitor booths. I did, however, find a few things that definitely struck my interest.

Fossil Group Hybrid Smart Watches
They’re as beautiful and classic as wristwatches have ever been; plus they have added smart function. The exciting news (for me at least) is the Misfit Phase, which combines everything I loved about the Misfit fitness trackers with the look and function of a watch. It keeps the sleek minimalism of the Misfit brand and looks absolutely gorgeous. These are available starting at $174 at misfit.com.

Misfit Phase

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror
This is a smart mirror that looks at you and examines your skin, including sunspots, wrinkles, dry skin, and dark circles, and make suggestions to improve upon the user’s overall skin health. Using the companion app, you can also track your beauty regimen to see what works and what does’t. This is available for $189 at himirror.com.


Fashion and tech meet in WAIR, a wearable air filter that disguises itself as a scarf. It promises to filter out 99% of air pollutants and even pairs with an app called SUPAIRMAN to let the user know the air quality index in real time. Living in Salt Lake City, I know I should be taking better care to track the quality of the air outside before venturing out, especially in winter, but it can be awkward to wear a filter mask. WAIR products look like regular winter accessories, and the seal around your nose and mouth, combined with three layers of filters and fan, work to filter air better than the usual surgical-type masks. There are even different styles and fabrics to make them as versatile as any other scarf. The really nice one isn’t available quite yet, but a fan-less, €69 version is taking preorders.


Plume Labs’ Flow
Going along with my problem with air pollution, Flow is a little device you can clip to your bag (or belt loop or wherever clips go, I guess) that monitors the quality of the air you breathe wherever you go: inside and outside. It pairs with an app to show you the current air quality in your immediate vicinity, a real time map of the air quality in the area (which also shows green spaces you can go for better breathing in case you want to go for a run outside and don’t want to inhale smog), and also the temperature and humidity. Price and availability are not quite ready yet, but preorders are expected to start sometime this spring. You can learn more at plumelabs.com.


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