A wonderful WiFi camera for home security use.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to test out several different types of WiFi cameras. My personal preference is for the smaller, more compact ones. I appreciate what cameras offer for home security, but don’t like how they can be an eyesore with home decor. This compact camera from Wansview is a really nice example of a high quality, but smaller Wifi camera.

One of the first things I always pay attention to with WiFi devices (or ‘smart’ devices) is how easy they are to set up. Some products have excessive set-up procedures while others are much simplified. I’m very happy to say that Wansview went with the more simplified option. They do include a quick set-up guide, which I very much appreciated, but the first step is to download their app. To be honest, this was the only part of the process I wasn’t a fan of. In the Quick Start Guide, you are told to visit your app store (Google Play or iTunes) and search for “Wansview”. Then, you are supposed to download the ‘free’ app that is available. Well, the problem is that there is more than one free app under Wansview – at least that’s the case with the iTunes App store. Fortunately, there is a QR Code on the box that takes you straight to the correct app. I do wish that Wansview would have included these code images in the guide, too.

Wansview WiFi Camera Review

Once the app is installed, you add the camera by again scanning the QR Code on the bottom of the camera. All of the unit’s specific information is pulled into the app and it prepares the camera for WiFi connection. Now, if you have a password on your network, you are going to have to enter it by going into the camera’s settings. It only took a few seconds (maybe about 30) for the camera to connect to our WiFi network. It was very refreshing to have such a simple set-up process for a camera.

Wansview WiFi Camera Review

Once the camera is all set up, you simply have to monitor your designated area by using the app. You tap on the camera in your menu and the video feed is immediately pulled up. There is two-way audio available, which is great if you are using this to help care for someone and need to communicate with them. During my tests, I found the audio to come through nice and clear. I would expect this might change depending on your WiFi connection. Another nice feature is the humidity/temperature sensor. I’m not entirely sure how accurate it is, but it’s nice to have as an option when you are monitoring your home. Even thought the camera doesn’t move on its own, it is quite possible. The stand, while sturdy, allows for easy movement of the camera body. You can position it however you need to. One small word of caution – it’s important to be aware of the heat this camera puts off when you are using it. I actually noticed during the set-up process that it was pushing out a decent amount of heat. I would recommend keeping this camera in an area that is well-ventilated.

This is a nice all-around, multi-use camera. Because of its night vision (which is very clear) and two-way audio communication, this camera is ideal for using in a nursery or in an elderly person’s room. The easy set-up makes this camera a gem and a must-have for anyone considering a home WiFi camera.

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