A quality dual display stand at a fair price

In my work supporting networks and in computer forensics, one thing is constant; I always need more displays. When I am forced to work on a laptop in the field, 13-15 inches just isn’t enough to fit all of the complex visualizations that modern computer work often requires. On the MacSources test bench today is the Wali WL-M002 Dual Display Mount. This model attaches directly to the back of your desk or work bench and can mount to displays side by side. For my tests, I am using two Acer 24 inch displays.

Wali WL-M002 Dual Display Mount Review

This mount is made from high grade materials and is designed to keep your workspace looking modern and sleek. Most modern monitors – 13″-27″ – will be compatible with the Wali WL-M002 Dual Display Mount. The item description even states that some 30″ might work. The plates on the back are detectable and height adjustable. The C-clamp has a two-stage locking system and will fit any desk or table top up to a 4.5 inch thickness. The mount does come with an optional Grommet base for that type of installation.

Wali WL-M002 Dual Display Mount Review

Setup was easy. You just attach the base to the main pole with three screws and then unfold and attach the mounting arms with a hex wrench. All needed tools are provided with the mount. Attaching the vesa mounts was also easy. All hardware is included. You just line up the correct holes for our display and then screw in the provide hardware. The vesa mount also has a vertical screw that lets you easily slide the vesa mount onto the arm and a lock screw is also provided to keep everything secure.

Wali WL-M002 Dual Display Mount Review

In my tests the Wali WL-M002 held the weight of the two Acer displays nicely and I didn’t have to do too much tweaking to find the right tension for the vesa mount. At it’s maximum height using my test displays, the Wali WL-M002 freed up about 6 inches of usable space on my desk. Not too bad for 15 minutes of work.

This would make an excellent dual display mounting option for professionals and home users.

For more information, visit walielectric.com/wali-dual-lcd-monitor-desk-mount.