The best Apple Watch stand on the market.

W Stand for Apple Watch Review 3To be completely honest, I’ve reviewed a lot of Apple Watch stands in the past few months. And, even though all of them have been great, they all seem to be missing the one feature I’ve really wanted in a stand – the option to quickly, without thought, place my Apple Watch on it. A lot of watch stands cause you to have to wrap the charging cable or band around a certain arm or other physical feature of the stand in order for the watch to rest on its charging puck. The W Stand from elago gives users the freedom to simply lay their watch across the top and not have to worry about routing anything in order for it to charge.The W Stand has a beautiful design. It’s made with two materials – aluminum and silicon. By only using two key materials in the construction of this product, elago designers are living their mission of “Simple Sophistication.” The body of the stand is in the shape of a tube. It’s made from solid aluminum and is hollow so that you can store your extra cable inside of it. In fact, they even include a small velcro cable wrap for added cable management assistance.

W Stand for Apple Watch Review 5Setting the stand up is very easy. The top and bottom caps of the tube are silicon and the charging puck tucks nicely into the top cap. There is a channel for the cable to drop through in the top cap, so it’s not visible at all. The cable drops through the entire length of the main body of the stand and comes out the other end with a very small channel cut out so that the cable is routed properly and not in danger of being crimped or frayed from the stand.

Cable management is one of the most important features of an Apple Watch stand in my opinion and elago made the perfect stand for that feature.

Another issue I’ve come across with some stands is conflict with watch bands. There are some charging stands that just don’t work with certain watch bands. The W Stand is designed as such that it works with all styles of Apple Watch bands.

W Stand for Apple Watch Review 6

W Stand for Apple Watch Review 7One feature that I would like to touch on is that the W Stand allows for users to charge their watch in Nightstand Mode. This is an upcoming feature of Apple’s watchOS 2 that will be released later this fall. Its purpose is to allow the user to continue using his or her watch while it’s being charged. The feature automatically puts the watch into this mode once it’s connected to a charger. In order to get the most out of Nightstand Mode, the watch should be resting on its side. The W Stand is designed such that the Apple Watch can be resting in that orientation.

W Stand for Apple Watch Review 8Another unique feature of the W Stand is that it’s designed to be used in a variety of places – including your car. While I haven’t had the opportunity to try this on an extended road trip yet, being able to have a charging stand in your car is very helpful. Because of the stand’s cylindrical design, it sits right down in your car’s standard cup holder. I found this to be a really neat idea for people who do lots of traveling in the car. Since the battery life of the average Apple Watch is only about an 8-hour day (with heavy use), having the option to safely and securely charge your watch in the car, is a great feature. Personally, I’m hoping to make a trip to Florida very soon (about a 13-hour trip by car) and think that having the ability to charge my watch while in transit will come in very handy.

Until I make that trip, the W Stand sits on my nightstand. It’s such a clean functional design that all other stand pale in comparison.

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