VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker is a great wireless companion for mobile devices.

One of my favorite tech devices is the Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. They give us the option to amplify sound from other devices like laptops, phones, and music players. I don’t remember my first Bluetooth speaker – honestly, I don’t remember every Bluetooth speaker I come into contact with, but I do remember the exceptional ones. Recently, I’ve been testing out the VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker.

VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker Review

VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker delivers exceptional sound and functionality. It has some pretty powerful features like 20W drivers, 8 hours of playing time, aluminum alloy housing, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and hands-free calling as a speakerphone. Everything about this speaker exudes class. The packaging is very Apple-like and minimal. It’s a strong white box with sufficient interior packaging to keep it safe. It VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker comes packaged with a small quick start guide, a stereo cable, and a Micro USB cable for charging.

To get started with this remarkable device, you simply turn the power on. When you start it up for the first time, it automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing mode. Connecting it to my iPhone 6 was easy. It only took about 10 seconds from when the speaker said, “Bluetooth pairing mode on,” to when my iPhone actually connected. After that, it never lost connection and I didn’t have any problems with switching between multiple Bluetooth devices (my headset, the speaker, and my Apple Watch).

VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker Review

The sound is quite powerful from the VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker. As an experiment, I turned on some music through Pandora radio and cranked the volume up full. The speaker did not distort the audio quality and the music filled the room with no problems. The volume control on the speaker’s top works beautifully with the iPhone. You can turn the volume up or down from the speaker or your device, which is a nice option to have.

The VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker has a very classic style. As I mentioned above, it has an aluminum alloy shell, which looks brilliant. It would blend in very well on an executive’s desk. It’s got some weight to it, so you want to be sure that if you place it on a wall shelf that the unit can handle the speaker’s weight.

VTIN Royaler Wireless Speaker Review

This is a very nice Bluetooth speaker for everyday use. I’m very excited to have this available as an accessory. It’s stylish and incredibly functional as a speaker.

For more information, visit ivtin.com/vtin-royaler.