A portable solution to carrying multiple cables.

I’ve had a lot of charging cables cross my path ever since I started carrying a cell phone on a daily basis. Micro USB cables still take the cake when it comes to quantity because, for a long time, it was used to charge everything. Apple, of course, has always marched to the beat of their own drummer and required users to utilize a proprietary connector for their devices and now, USB-C is starting to take the lead with newer products. With all of the different charging cable options facing people today, it can be difficult to decide which cable to keep with you in order to make sure you can keep your devices powered up. With this in mind, Vonmählen has created a new 5-in-1 charging cable that provides users with a compact cable that can go anywhere. 

VONMÄHLEN High Five 5-in-1 Charging Cable REVIEW


High Five is the world’s first 5-in-1 charging cable. It has two main parts — a charging cable with connectors at both ends (Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C) and the USB-A connector. The cable is tangle-free and provides up to 2.4A power output. It’s magnetic, lightweight, and ultra-portable. High Five is made out of 12 different metals to battle everyday elements with a silicone cable (4cm long) for charging flexibility. 


  • Measurements: L70mm x W12mm x H10mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Charging Speed: 2.4A
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, PAHS, REACH, FCC
  • Materials: HDPE, Zinc Alloy, TPE, Iron, Stainless Steel

VONMÄHLEN High Five 5-in-1 Charging Cable REVIEW


The High Five Charging Cable is currently being crowd funded through Kickstarter (as of publishing this review). I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release sample for this review, but because it’s pre-release, I’m certain that some aspect of the cable are not 100% what they will be when it’s ready for production. The sample I received was encased in plastic with a sample diagram of the many ways you can use the cable included.  The cable comes with a keychain loop so that you can keep it with you no matter where you go. One of the things I noticed right away was the magnetic nature of the cable. The ends are designed to attach to themselves for transport and so there are magnets included in the heads of the cable. While I like this feature, it did get in the way a couple of times for me because the magnet would attach itself to something it shouldn’t be attached to. 

VONMÄHLEN High Five 5-in-1 Charging Cable REVIEW

As for user testing, the cable seemed to work pretty well. I charged my iPhone using the Lightning charging cable and found that I was gaining approximately 0.75% battery percentage per minute. I was very happy with the amount of battery life I was getting using the charging cable but was a bit concerned about charging my iPhone with it since it’s not MFi certified by Apple. I also find it strange that the opposite side of the Lightning cable is a Micro USB plug. I was able to plug it into Micro USB ports but was concerned about using it to charge because the cable won’t plug into a Micro USB port 100%. It was sticking out quite a bit and so I was worried about how well it would work over time. 

VONMÄHLEN High Five 5-in-1 Charging Cable REVIEW


While this cable does provide a compact way to carry multiple cables at one time, I have concerns about charging some of my devices since the Micro USB/Lighting cable end is dual purpose. With the Lightning cable not being MFi certified, I am nervous about using it repeatedly with my iPad or iPhone. The same is true of the Micro USB side. When I attempted to plug it into a pair of headphones to charge them, the cable didn’t press all the way into the Micro USB port. These design issues just make me nervous because I don’t want to take the chance that I might damage my devices. Aside from these concerns, I do like the compact design and the different design options that Vonmählen is offering 

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