VogDUO makes sure that you always have more power ports than you need, with the 30W triple USB-A wall Charger.

Even though modern homes tend to have more outlets than older homes, it is still often difficult to find room to charge all of my devices.  Many outlets in my bedroom, living room and office go unused, only to have others possibly dangerously overloaded.  With so many of our devices powered by USB, surge protectors and power strips are becoming less useful in my home, replaced by USB hubs.  Unfortunately, many of these large brick-like multi-USB chargers are eyesores. The VogDUO triple 30W wall charger strives to eliminate this trend with their latest ultraslim device.

VogDUO triple charger
The VogDuo charger arrived in a 5 13/16 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches wide by 1-inch thick retail box.  Instead of relying on multicolored, single-dimensional diagrams or images, VogDuo correctly chose to let the device shine through a clear plastic window.  I enjoyed the use of the contrasting black cardboard backing.  This provided a stark contrast to the white charger and the bold white font detailing the ultra slim, 270 degrees rotatable, AC to DC converting, three output 30W charger.  Flipping the product over, the reverse panel utilizes the inverse color scheme to further detail the product.  VogDuo promises the ability to fast charge up to 3 tablets simultaneously, foldable AC prongs and thin profile for portability, input AC100-240V, Output DC 5V 6A x 3 USB-A ports and an LED power indicator.

To remove the charger from the packaging, simply lift up on the front plastic.  The inside cardboard will easily separate from the box and then the charger can be removed from the internal plastic shell.  The pristine, clean, white VogDuo charger measures 2 7/16 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick.  Along the top right of the device, VogDuo included a 15/16 inches wide by 7/16 inches tall, swiveling type A wall prong. The back of the charger has a cutout for the type A prong, allowing it to fold completely flat.  Amazingly, the type A prong can rotate from flush to 90 degrees, to 180 degrees, to 270 degrees and everywhere in between.  At roughly the size of a playing card, the charger will conveniently fit into a pocket, a purse or bag.  Along the bottom of the charger, the company conveniently provided three USB-A output ports.  Along the bottom left corner of the charger (same side as the type-A wall prong), Vogduo included an LED indicator light.

VogDUO ultraslim
When you are ready to charge your devices, simply unfold the charger prong and plug it into the wall.  The device is incredibly thin with only 1/16 of an inch on one side and 1/8 of an inch on the other.  Sticking out only 1/2 inch from the wall, there are very few obstructions that will limit the use of this charger.  The USB ports located inferiorly are well spaced and will charge three devices simultaneously with 6A max output.  Using a DROK USB 2.0 multimeter, I checked each of the ports while simultaneously charging three iPads (two iPad Mini 4 and an iPad Pro 10.5″).  The multimeter showed that each port was capable of 2A output, while simultaneously charging three devices.  Remember that current is on-demand and your device will call for the current.  Thus, each of the ports may not output 2A simultaneously.

I was incredibly pleased with the ultra-thin portable nature of this three-ounce device.  The output to weight ratio is perfect in my eyes, allowing three devices to be charged from a single wall port.  Personally, at this point, I cannot return to using a single USB brick, as it just seems wasteful.  If you travel, camp, hike, etc. this device will fit perfectly into a backpack or briefcase.  It will fit behind your desk, behind your chair and it can angle up or down.  It need not impede upon your other wall outlet, as you can angle it up or down.  With three USB cords plugged into the device, you will not be able to use the device at 180 degrees due to the weight and downward force of the cables.  However, this is not that big of a deal and did not limit the use.  The white LED helps to remind you that the device is plugged in as it may blend into a white background.  The VogDUO device did not get hot to touch, even after leaving my three iPads on charge for over four hours.  If white is not your color, you can navigate to their website and choose a black or red option as well.  Also, as you sign into their website, you can enter your email for a 20% off voucher.

VogDUO action
I believe I have found the holy grail of USB chargers.  In the week that I have had the device, I have solely used it to charge my gear.  If I had one request, I would wish that VogDUO would make a USB C version of this same device.  When it comes to form, quality and convenience, I give this charger an A+, 5/5 star rating.

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