Vocabulary.com brings a fun, interactive learning game to iOS devices.

More often than not these days, people are using their iPhones for productivity and learning rather than just a game machine. There are some remarkable apps that crossover and are used as both a learning tool and a game. Vocabulary.com is one of these apps.

Vocabulary.com is both a science and game rolled into one very well-designed iOS app. In its essence, it is a learning system designed to help users master words and their meanings for test preparations as well as real-world scenarios. The best part about it is that it incorporates a point earning structure that turn Vocabulary.com into a game! While you are working your way through the app, not only are you expanding your vocabulary at a lightening speed, but you are also unlocking achievements, earning badges and competing with people across the world.

vocabularycom-1So, how does it work? Vocabulary.com teaches over 12,000 words through asking the user a 125,000 questions to determine the user’s learning level.  Vocabulary.com developers created a system for lifelong learning. Not just a game that ends after level 127. As your vocabulary grows, the app grows and learns with you. As you answer more and more questions correctly, the app will ask you questions to push you to the next level. Or, if you are having a rough time with it, the app will pull its suggestions back until you catch up.

One of the nicest features I’ve found within the app is that the definition section is written so that real people can understand. That’s because the dictionary in Vocabulary.com was written by humans for humans. And, because it’s has easy to understand, it’s easier to remember, which after all, is the point of the app. On top of the ease of use of the dictionary, it’s important to note that it includes over 100,000 usage examples. And, it includes audio recordings by an opera singer so that you know exactly how to pronounce a word.

Vocabulary.com has ready made lists built for students and test takers. These lists allow those studying for tests like the SAT or GRE to focus on vocabulary lists that might be of use to them on the test rather than reviewing words they already know.

vocabularycom-2The iOS app works along with Vocabulary.com. One of the great features of the entire system is that they work together with each other. Once a user signs up for a free account, all progress carries across all devices with the app.

Prior to learning about this app, I was not aware of the Vocabulary.com system at all. Now that I’m aware of it, I think it’s a great option for anyone to be able to expand their vocabulary. It’s got every tool imaginable to have successful teaching sessions and more importantly, successful learning. This is one of those apps that I wish had been available to me as I was going through school. I believe it’s a wonderful tool not only for vocabulary expansion, but also for teaching good studying habits.

Vocabulary.com is currently available for iOS and is on version 1.0 (launched March 18, 2014). Vocabulary.com retails for $2.99. For more information, visit vocabulary.com/app.