Continuous Temperature Monitor, Fever Scout, Accurately Monitors Sick Children and Patients at Home

VivaLnk, a Silicon Valley startup and the inventor of eSkinTM technology, today announced that Fever ScoutTM, a soft wearable thermometer that continuously measures temperature, has earned 510(k) clearance from the Federal Drug Administration and is now available for purchase. The revolutionary device offers parents and caregivers the flexibility to continuously and remotely monitor a child or patient’s fever, safely and accurately using a smartphone or tablet. VivaLnk’s Fever Scout is available for purchase starting today, for $59.99 in-store at Best Buy locations across the country, and online at Amazon,,, and

“Driving meaningful innovation to help improve people’s health and wellbeing is a part of our DNA at VivaLnk. We developed Fever Scout to help take the guesswork out of monitoring and keeping track of a patient’s fever,” said Jiang Li, co-founder and chief executive officer at VivaLnk. “Starting today, consumers can now own a wearable thermometer that is an accurate medical grade device, child-friendly and does its job while the patient is sleeping.”

“It’s no secret in the medical community that the trouble with consumer wearables is that they are not medical grade devices, and have lacked the accuracy and consistency required for patient care,” said Dr. Vernon Smith, Mayo Clinic-trained emergency physician from Avera Medical Group. “The introduction of Fever Scout signals a future where we can one day accurately use wearables to remotely monitor at-risk patients, like the elderly, by tracking baseline temperatures and anticipating when trouble might arise.”

Fever Scout is applicable to more than just sick babies and children. Post-operative patients, cancer patients, seniors receiving in-home care, or anyone battling illness can benefit from Fever Scout. The thermometer comes complete with a companion app, carrying case, which serves a dual role as a device charger and Bluetooth relay, and eight medical grade, disposable adhesives, for attaching the device to the skin. Additional adhesives can be purchased separately at, Amazon, and

How it Works
Using Fever Scout is as simple as downloading the app and pairing the device with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Once the device is paired, users can simply apply the adhesive and stick Fever Scout onto the skin, near the armpit. The patch can be worn continuously for up to seven days before it needs to be recharged. The mobile app will immediately begin to track the wearer’s temperature and provide alerts to the smartphone or tablet if temperature increases. With Fever Scout you can monitor the progression of a fever over time and track associated symptoms and treatment to share with a doctor.

Top Features

  • Continuous use, until you’re well again: The patch can be used continuously for seven days before it needs to be recharged. Each Fever Scout also comes with eight medical-grade, disposable adhesives. Wear time is typically 24 hours, although some users may want to change adhesives more often depending on comfort level.
  • Child-friendly: Fever Scout comes in a fun color and child-safe shape. Children think of Fever ScoutTM as a fun sticker and not a medical device.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring: Fever Scout can work from a distance, without having to interrupt a sleeping person. The dual case and charger amplifies Fever Scout’s signal reaching up to 131 feet, allowing caretakers the ability to monitor a child or patient’s health from a distance or other room.
  • Easy cleaning: To clean the Fever ScoutTM patch before applying a new adhesive, wipe both sides with an alcohol wipe.

Pricing and Availability
VivaLnk’s Fever Scout is available for purchase starting today, for $59.99 in-store at Best Buy locations across the country, and online at Amazon,,, and The companion app (iOS and Android) is free to download. Fever Scout works with Android devices, 4.3 or later, and Apple devices, iPhone 5s or later and iOS 8.0 or later.

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