Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner is perfect for on the go scanning of all sorts of documents.

Recently I was at CES with four of my writers, we all were handing out and receiving business cards left and right. The problem with all these cards was that we lacked the ability to keep track of them. I did really good because each card I got went into my backpack and I knew once I got home I would organize them and reach out to everyone. The real problems were trying to get cards from the other writers and remembering who everyone was. Not every company we talked to at CES had their name and title on their cards. Some were represented by PR firms so I would have a bunch of cards of PR reps and have no clue who they were representing at CES. I would have remembered who they represented if every night I would have scanned the business cards and organized them at that point instead of waiting to get home.

Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner Review

This was a mistakes and one that I already have plans to remedy next year. The Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner is a personal hand-held scanner for on the go use. Hence the name “ROADWARRIOR.” My experience at CES has allowed me to see how a portable scanner like this could be extremely useful and with its compact design, it’s a must have for anyone traveling.

The ROADWARRIOR is a little over 2 pounds in weight and measures 14 x 3 x 9.5 inches. So, it fits easily into most suitcases and even into some larger laptop bags. It’s powered through USB and doesn’t require any outside AC power. That is a HUGE convenience when it comes to travel; it means less cables. Even though it’s incredibly compact, it is very powerful and scans documents up to 8.5″ wide and 32″ long. It will scan in either black & white or color. The ROADWARRIOR supports continues feed scanning for multiple pages. The scanner will also scan both sides at once.

Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner Review

I had one small concern when I started testing the ROADWARRIOR – software. The scanner comes with software (CD enclosed, or download from their website) and I’m not a huge fan of downloading software that isn’t available in the App Store. I made an exception this time since I wanted to have the full experience from the scanner. I found that the download process was very easy (the instructions tell you where to find it) and it ended up working very well. The software allows you to scan your documents and save them out to most popular formats included PDFs and JPGs. After checking out ROADWARRIOR’s software, I decided to see if the scanner would work with Apple’s native scan utility. I elated to find out that it did. The quality of the scan with either software choice is fantastic. I could read handwritten notes as well as the pre-printed text on the documents I tested out.

Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner Review

I think perhaps the feature that makes the Visioneer ROADWARRIOR 4D Portable Scanner stand out in a sea of personal scanners is its speed. I’ve been looking at portable scanners for several years and have never seen one as quick as ROADWARRIOR. I’ve tested it out with all sizes and types of paper – everything from business cards to product instructions to hand-written notes and it’s scanning them all very quickly.

This is a great option for fulfilling any of your scanner needs – portable or desktop. It’s affordable and works beautifully.

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