Massager helps with tired, sore muscles.

Being that I’ve lived with chronic leg pain for many years, I’ve tried out a lot of massaging solutions to help with that issue. I prefer a good massage to prescription medications because they seem to be more effective. The only thing I don’t like about them is paying someone $50 or more to do the work. I’ve tried several different mechanical massagers at home, but I’ve not had good luck with them – until now.

The VIKTOR JURGEN Shoulder and Back Massager is a quality product made from quality materials. The mechanism is made from 100% copper motors and the wrap is constructed from polyurethane for a long life. As a shiatsu kneading massager with a heat function, the VIKTOR JURGEN Massager is designed to transfers warmth to muscles and ligaments to improve blood circulation. The massager comes with a long adjustable strap (54.3 inches) that helps you have a hands-free massage by securing the massager to different parts of your body. 

VIKTOR JURGEN Shoulder and Back Massager REVIEW

This neck and shoulder massager from Viktor Jurgen ended up being a really nice option for massaging my leg muscles as well as my neck. Even though it’s meant for the upper body, I’ve been able to wrap it around my leg and massage both my calf and thigh muscles. What makes this possible is the adjustable strap that gives you the ability to have a massage hands-free. I have some troubles with getting enough pressure on my leg, but the Viktor Jurgen massager does a great job of providing enough tension for my aching muscles.

VIKTOR JURGEN Shoulder and Back Massager REVIEW

I really like how portable the massager is. It is wired, but it’s lightweight so you can pack it away in a suitcase for traveling. I have a conference I’m attending in a few weeks and packing this away for the evenings when I need a little relaxation for my muscles will definitely come in handy. The heat is a nice bonus, but for me, I almost prefer using it without the heat. Fortunately, the product designer makes it possible to turn off the heat separate from the normal function of the massager.

VIKTOR JURGEN Shoulder and Back Massager REVIEW

Even though I’ve found a good use for this to relive my leg pain, I have also used it on my neck and shoulders while sitting at my computer. Since I work behind a computer desk throughout the day, being able to use the Viktor Jurgen massager helps prevent tired neck muscles and I definitely find myself straining less than when I don’t use it. The only issue I’ve had with this massager is that is wired into power rather than being cordless. Sometimes it’s hard for me to relax when I have a cable strewn across my lap. It’s all I can focus on.

VIKTOR JURGEN Shoulder and Back Massager REVIEW

This massager works very well. It’s got a strong massaging motion and it works out annoying knots in your sore muscles. It’s a nice all-purpose massager at an affordable price.

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