A very nice addition to any patio

When we bought our house, we didn’t exactly know what we wanted to do with all the outdoor space. The house had some mature trees on the lot as well as already developed landscaping. There is a nice front porch area that is covered by a roof extension. This is wonderful because it makes it possible still sit outdoors and be protected from the elements. Our front porch has been woefully neglected as we turned our main attention to the back patio and yard areas. I’ve always liked our front porch though and always wanted something a little more for it then just the two plastic yard chairs that have been residing there for the past 8 years. Needless to say, the VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set has really classed up the patio area. 

VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set REVIEW


The VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set (by Autonomous) is a 3-piece set that includes two folding chairs and a folding table. The wood is treated to be resistant to mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot, and decay. The set is made from high-density eucalyptus from the forests of Brazil. The table and chairs are very low-maintenance and only require an oil treatment once a year. 


At one point in my life, I was actually responsible for assembling furniture and I sort of make it my job at home, too, to put together any ‘assembly required’ pieces that come into our house. When the bistro set arrived, it was in a semi-large cardboard shipping box. There is no product box inside the shipping box, but the table and chairs are protected with some styrofoam pieces and cellophane wrapping. 

VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set REVIEW

When I peeled off the box top, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the pieces were already assembled and would only need to be unwrapped and unfolded before use. I had honestly expected there to be an hour’s worth of construction time before I could enjoy the set on my front porch. Instead, I was able to start using it within about 5 minutes after unboxing it. 


The chairs are simple and can be folded up so that they can be stored flat. The table is slightly more involved than the chairs when it comes to its set-up, but it’s still very simple. The top will lift up until it snaps into place with a plastic hinge as shown in the picture below. This reminded me a lot of the way a folding tray table gets set-up and because it was so familiar to me, I had it unfolded and snapped into place in no time. 

VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set REVIEW

When I first got this set put together and placed nicely on the patio, my fiance and his grandmother came home from a visit with family. Nick escorted his grandma over to the table and chairs and helped her to sit down. Then, he sat in the other chair. They were both very comfortable, which is a feat in itself because his grandmother usually complains when she has to sit on something that’s hardwood. But, she didn’t with this set of furniture. I also noticed that when Nick leaned against the table, it was the perfect height for someone sitting in the chairs to use. 

VIFAH Outdoor Wood Folding Bistro Set REVIEW


This is a very nice, economical bistro set and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s incredibly easy to set-up and very low-maintenance. So, for me, it’s the perfect addition to our front patio. 

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