App solves many typical conversion problems.

When I was younger, I backed a lot of my DVD movies up to my computer so that I could watch them whenever I traveled. Now that I have a phone and tablet that will play video files well, I want those same movies available for my portable devices. So, I rely on a new application from Digiarty called VideoProc to convert all my video files for my iPhone. It’s a versatile, powerful piece of software.  It solves a lot of problems that I’ve had with converting videos for iPhone.  Sometimes a standard video converter won’t do the job for iPhone videos — that’s why you need the best iPhone video converter available. 

If you’ve ever tried to watch videos on iPhones before that were created somewhere else, you may have encountered the following errors:

  • Fail to play MKV, AAC, FLV videos, etc on iPhone because of format issue
  • Cannot play/edit iPhone HEVC videos with old version QuickTime, Photos, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Windows Media Player, Adobe, etc.
  • 4K 60PFS iPhone videos won’t play smoothly on VLC and other video players.
  • Unable to play drone, GoPro videos on iPhone, iPad for video format and parameter incompatibility.
  • Unable to play music on iPhone because of incompatible formats

VideoProc helps to fix these common issues by converting video files directly into a format that iPhones can use. It’s a versatile 4K video processing tool powered by unique level-3 hardware GPU acceleration. VideoProc assists users by converting video and audio formats easily with no quality loss. It also offers a convenient video edit, compression, download, recording features.

VideoProc Giveaway

You now have the options to purchase a lifetime license for VideoProc for $42.95 —  substantial discount off the regular price. Also, from now until February 20, 2019, anyone who provides an email address can enter for a chance to win an iPhone XS Max, Marshall Kilburn II, PIXI Plus Mini Tripod, and other prizes. You can win more by sharing the contest page, downloading VideoProc, following VideoProc on social media and visiting VideoProc’s official site. The more you enter — the greater the chance of winning!

VideoProc Features

VideoProc is a very easy to use solution for all types of video processing. The user interface is very intuitive to any level user. There are a lot of features to use, but the basic function of converting video is easy to grasp. This versatile 4K video processing tool is powered by GPU acceleration. It assists users with converting video and audio formats easily with no quality loss and offers convenient video editing, compression, downloading and recording features including converting:

  • iPhone HEVC/H.265 to H.264 to make it compatible with all video players and editors
  • iPhone videos to GIF
  • iPhone video parameters such as frame rate, bit rate, resolution to make video play smoothly on 3rd party video players (e.g. convert 4K 60PFS video to 30FPS) or reduce file size
  • MKV, FLV, AVI, etc to MP4, MOV for successful playback on iPhone
  • Music to AAC, MP3, AIFF, M4A, etc for playback on iPhone
  • Camera, drone, GoPro videos to iPhone compatible format and parameters at one click
  • Music to iPhone ringtone
  • 3D video resources to 2D for iPhone playback

VideoProc also has bonus features including downloading videos from YouTube, editing, cropping, cutting, merging videos, adding filters, recording computer and iPhone screens, and converting all types of DVD to video for iPhone playback. 

If you are looking for an easy to use video converter, VideoProc is a great option. Download it today and enter to win the iPhone XS Max. 

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