VideoGIF is an easy-to-use, agile video to GIF converter.

In a review we published in January for PicGIF by Pearl Mountain Software. This piece of software made it possible for users to create quick, high quality GIFs from any images they have available. Now, Pearl Mountain Software has released VideoGIF to complete the same action, but with videos.

VideoGIF is an incredibly easy-to-use, agile application that allows users to convert any videos to an animated GIF file, thus saving valuable hard drive, server or inbox space. This is useful for many reasons – the greatest, in my opinion, being video sharing. Most email accounts have a 5MB file attachment limitation especially with corporations, but with VideoGIF, you can shrink high quality videos down to practically nothing and send it to virtually anyone. For example, I took a video I had that was 45MB in size and was able to make it just under 2MB in size by converting it to an animated GIF.

videogif-3VideoGif has some pretty impressive core features. First, it allows you to import videos one of two ways – drag and drop existing videos or use your webcam from within VideoGIF to capture new video. Second, VideoGIF gives you the flexibility to trim up videos before completing the conversion process. I did that with the video I mentioned above as a part of trying to ‘trim the fat’ off the file size. The original file was approximately 20 seconds long. I trimmed it down to about 8 using VideoGIF’s editor.

Another core feature of VideoGIF is the ability to add and edit text to your video. The process is very simple. Once you have imported your chosen video, simply click on the text button and a text box will appear with directions to ‘double-click to edit.’ While the text box defaults to the center of the screen, you can move it to your desired location by clicking/holding the text box and dragging it around the screen.

videogif-1Perhaps the most important feature of VideoGIF is being able to adjust the speed of your GIF output and be able to preview it in real-time. This is invaluable and I love that it was included as an adjustable feature rather than setting the application to a ‘default animation.’ VideoGIF also allows for fine-tuning of your video. You can apply color filters, adjust saturation, hue, exposure, etc, plus VideoGIF fully supports sepia tone and black and white adjustments.


VideoGIF makes it easy to share your GIF by allowing you to send it by email, iMessage or uploading to Tumblr right from inside the app. You can also save it out to the Finder.

One thing to remember about converting a video to a GIF – you lose the sound. While this can be a great option for people who send videos through email and need to shrink them easily, it’s not a good alternative for video previews that require sound.

I can recommend VideoGIF to anyone who works with video frequently. As I mentioned, it’s a wonderful option to help you share fun videos with friends and family members digitally and it’s very easy to use.

VideoGIF is currently on version 1.0.2 and is on sale for $4.99 and it’s worth every penny. The regular price is $19.90 and at regular price, I feel as though the price may be on the high side simply because of the limited uses of animated GIFs made from videos.


VideoGIF Output Example – Original Video 1920×1080, H.264