A fun way to create unique videos.

VidBlend iOS App Review 3Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a really quick video from two clips you have on your phone? The newly released VidBlend gives you that option. I have some extensive experience as a video editor and so this app was intriguing to me. It’s description in the App Store calls it, “…an easy to use video blending app with a powerful editor to help make your own personal video library.” The concept of video blending is taking two video clips you already have and melding them together as layers. This is not a new concept in the world of graphic design or video, but as an iOS app, it is.

When I first opened the app, I found the interface easy to understand and was able to get started right away. You first select a background video and then a foreground video. You have the option to trim the clip, alter the video style, reverse the video, rotate it, add text, voice, and other sound, plus apply filters to your video creations. It’s pretty straightforward and getting started is easy.

In order to add a video to your VidBlend, you tap the + in the center of the screen. This will bring up the option for you to take video using your camera or to select from your gallery. I selected a clip from my gallery. The clip I selected was over three minutes long and I was greeted by a prompt that let me know the video exceeded the VidBlend iOS App Review 4clip limit for VidBlend. I was a little confused at first until I opened Settings within the app. These VidBlends are meant to be short snippets of video and not long form video. So, the app limits the total length of your creations. You have the option to set it to a maximum of four, six, fifteen or twenty seconds long in the app’s Settings menu.

VidBlend iOS App Review 5After I completed that step, I started looking for a foreground video to go along with the background I had selected. I ended up using a different section of the same video clip as my background and applied a filter to it so that it would create some texture to the finished video. Once you get both segments of video to your liking, you tap the check mark to progress to the next step, which is blending. In the blending process, you have even more options for your video creation.

What basically happens is the app lays one layer over the other and then creates an opacity option for you to adjust. With most video editing, you have to have one layer on an alpha channel, or cut out from the background, but VidBlend sort of skips that step and gives everyday users the option to have a very creative option for creating unique, layered videos.

This is an easy to use, one of a kind app for iOS. It will really take your videos to the next level.

For more information, visit http://vidblend.in.

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