VicTsing External CD/DVD Burner is a great option for your disk reading/writing needs.

Until last month, I had not used a CD or DVD drive in a laptop for almost two years. I own a Retina MacBook Pro and it does not even have a drive bay on the machine. When the day came that I needed a DVD drive on my laptop, I had none in site. I made a quick trip to Best Buy to grab the Apple branded one, but found it was being sold for $79.99 and thought for the amount of time I use CD/DVD burners, I could not justify buying it. I was in a dilemma until I found the VicTsing External CD/DVD burner. It’s got a slim design sort of like the one from Apple, but the disk tray opens and does not just suck the disk in like Apple’s. For the price, I thought it would be worth a try. It’s lightweight and works very well while still being quiet. This was a large surprise to me.

VicTsing External CD/DVD Burner

The drive is using the older USB 2.0 to connect to your computer, but I used it to watch video straight from a DVD and it’s not bad at all. My VicTsing External CD/DVD burner did not come with any software for burning disks, which was a little out of the ordinary. Most CD/DVD burners I’ve seen come with software for you to install, but in this case, it wasn’t a problem because the Apple OS gives you the option to burn disks.

After watching the the DVD and making my notes of the product, I pulled out my old DVD’s to see how fast it would write to a disk. I decided that I would burn a few DVD’s of my pets to store in a fire safe along with my Drobo incase of a malfunction or natural disaster. Again, I was surprised. The VicTsing External CD/DVD burner did a very nice job of writing the disks.

VicTsing External CD/DVD Burner

VicTsing External CD/DVD BurnerOverall, the VicTsing External CD/DVD burner was a very good decision for my use. Since, I had not used a DVD burner for so long and because this one uses older technology (USB 2.0), I wasn’t expecting much. But, the VicTsing External CD/DVD burner is holding up very well and for the price I have no complaints at all.

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