MP3 player left me wanting more.

Recently I’ve been wanting to kind of get back to the old-school early days of some of our technology. While I still like to live in the now, I still yearn for simpler days on one device did want to do things and that’s it. One of the biggest things that I Miss is when phones were just phones and MP3 players were just MP3 players. It’s nice having all of it at your beck and call, but it was simpler times. I’ve been picking up devices here and there that are just standalone devices in the one I miss the most is the MP3 player. I really miss the second and third generation of the iPod nano. Just a basic device to us now that back then played your music, video and held a few cherished photos. While I am nostalgic, I’m still on a budget, so I’ve been looking for cheaper alternatives that will still get the same job done and will still have the same appeal. Nothing fancy, just functional and definitely not  a portable compact disc player. We could have skipped that period just like the CDs skipped at the slightest bump forever ruining our lives.

VicTal MP3 Player REVIEW

After a quick search, I found one that fit my criteria. Able to play music, video, and photos. It even had a similar look and feel to the cherished iPod nano. At first glance. The MP4  multimedia player looked like everything I was looking for. It had a gray aluminum case and roughly the same size screen. The two major differences were the button layout on the front and the top and bottom of the player. Unlike the iPod’s round button configuration the Multimedia player had independent buttons. With skip forward and backward, a menu, volume, and enter button in the middle. The top has a slide power button and a slot for mini Sd cards, giving it expandable storage. The bottom has a mini USB 1.0 port, headphone jack, and a microphone opening. The downside to the top and bottom is that they are entirely plastic, leaving sharp metal edges which I cut myself on. The mini USB 1.0 is a dead  technology, and no one really

VicTal MP3 Player REVIEW

Has extra cords laying around for them, so not being able to charge on the go is troublesome.  The screen, As it’s only a thin plastic sheet.

Navigating it is fairly simple and straightforward. The user interface is very basic and easy to use but lacks a lot of visual appeal. You can use the MP4 multi media player to listen to your downloaded music, Watch video, listen to FM radio stations, view your photos, and Store and read text files and Ebooks. While I was able to upload a wider variety of music for mads and listen to them, my first real problem came from trying to play video. I tried all of the main video formats with no avail. I was met with format not supported on the screen but in a mirror image, which really threw me for a loop. The pictures that you can view are only in JPEG or GIF format, which isn’t that big of a deal to me. Listening to local FM radio stations can be quite handy, especially with the ability to save your favorite stations without having to scroll through each time you power on. Viewing text on the small screen isn’t ideal but in a pinch you know it’s there.

VicTal MP3 Player REVIEW

While most of my criteria were initially met, after further use, I was left wanting more, something more compatible with a wide variety of different formats of multi media. Did I get basic music functionality, yes but not a whole lot more after that. This leaves me in a predicament because I have a wide righty of multi media formats that I would like to use, so the hunt is back on to find a device that will help me relive my glory days, while still meeting all the needs that I have today.


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