I have just recently downloaded the App Viber for my I phone 4

Basically the Viber App lets you make free calls to anybody else who has the app installed to there I phone. The calls are way better quality than calling  normally. You can call anybody using Viber anywhere, anytime in the world for

FREE. The cool thing about Viber is that you can check your contacts and see which of your iPhone contacts are already on Viber.

Viber uses 3G or WIFI to give a better connection just like using Skype on your PC but now you can be out walking around while using it.

While testing the App i called a Cell located in Indiana from Scotland. The quality was crystal clear and the communication level never faded away through out the whole conversation.

The main benefits from downloading this highly sought after App are:

  • It will keep your bill amount down since its FREE
  • Better connection quality while calling
  • The app will show who else on your contact list has Viber installed
  • You can even now use Viber on your I pad and I pod touch
  • You never have to register with Viber and they don’t ever send annoying Advertisement’s to you

Viber has also announced recently that they will soon be available for Android and the App will include Free texting to other App users.

I recommend to download the App now while its free as it has become increasingly popular.

Written by Greg.