Verus Damda Slide iPhone 6 Plus Case Review:

Melds style and function with its storage compartment for credit cards.

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There are times that dragging a bulky wallet around is just not practical. Technology is making it easier and easier to leave all those little pieces of plastic at home and replacing them with the digital payments such as Apple Pay. But, there are still some times where it is necessary to include a card in your daily commutes from place to place. As an example, I would like to carry my driver’s license around with me, but don’t want to keep my wallet at all times. For those times, the Damda Slide case from Verus is a great option.

The Damda Slide series case combines form, function and style into one harmonious package. It’s made from an outer polycarbonate layer and a shock absorbent TPU layer for additional protection. Something that is sort of unique about the design is that Verus included a stylish patter on the inside layer that has the perfect amount of air space to help absorb any shock from a fall.

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The most intriguing thing about this case is the card storage compartment. Like the outer layer of the case, the compartment is made out of polycarbonate and can easily be opened with the flip of a finger. It just deep enough to allow users to carry 2 cards along with them.

First Impressions
Naturally, the first thing that caught my attention was the striking color of the case. The Damda Slide series case comes in 5 vibrant colors choices – Champagne Gold, Satin Silver, Dark Silver, Special Yellow and Poppy Red. We were fortunate to test out the gold version, which is a dead match for the iPhone’s beautiful golden tones. Even though the gold case was the right match for us, I would love to see the other striking colors.

Secondly, the weight is bearable. One thing I don’t like about cases – and one of the reasons I typically avoid them – is the added bulk and weight to the iPhone. Fortunately, the Damda Slide is less than 6 ounces. So, it adds protection without sacrificing the lightweight-nature of the iPhone.

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Because I feel that the iPhone is tough enough to withstand daily use, I generally don’t want a case on my phone just for protection. I want it to serve another purpose and/or add to the experience of iPhone use. The Damda Slide fits that description because it allows me the freedom of not having to travel without needing my entire wallet. I’ve always said cases have to do more then just protect for me. The Damda, protects and gives me the option to lighten my pocket by using it to keep my cards with me.

Verus Damda Slide iPhone 6 Plus Case Review 5

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The Damda Slide series case is a good buy for someone who is looking for added protection along with a secondary function for your iPhone. The case is trustworthy and I love how easy it is to take cards in and out of the compartment.

The Verus iPhone 6 Plus Case Damda Slide Series is available for $34.99 (MSRP)

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